Southwest Airlines Is A Crack Addict That Keeps Gettin’ Caught Slipping… And Now He Wants To Be Bi-Coastal posted by on April 27, 2011

Now you can get 2 Mishaps for the Price of 1

Ya know, Southwest Airlines to me is becoming like the Alcoholic Father.  You really want to be proud of him.  You really do.  But he keeps showing up to the PTA meetings drunk.

After being put under Federal investigation for an incident 2 weeks ago, where a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 had a hole rip through its fuselage that stemmed from a minor crack, even more Southwest Airlines planes were found with the same cracks that led to the mishap.  In addition to this discovery, it was found that Southwest Airlines delayed, or tried to eliminate Federally mandated inspections, claiming that such inspections of their inventory would create a “significant burden” to their operations.

Well now Southwest is slippin-and-slidin all the way off the runways, as that’s what yet another Southwest Airlines, 737 Boeing did at Chicago Midway Airport yesterday.  Now, I understand it was rainin’ and all… but it just doesn’t look too good.  What makes that even more fu@ked up, is they offered their passengers a refund of their round trip tickets, and 2 complimentary round trip tickets.  NOOOOO Thank you.  With 3 sets of round trip tickets, I now have 6 chances for another “Southwest Airlines Alcoholic Father Mishap“.  Why don’t you rent me a car for a month, or a local hotel for 2 weeks, so I can keep my feet on the ground, and my self under a safe roof.

Thankfully there was only one reported injury and all other passengers were safely evacuated from the plane.  The flight was 7 passengers over capacity, 5 of which were lap babies.

So after all of this, the U.S. Government is still down to approve a $1 Billion merger between Southwest Airlines and AirTrans, which they just did,  now allowing the two to have chancy flights and mishaps all over the country !!  Even more concerning, is that AirTrans primarily uses Boeing 737 planes as well.

Well, let’s hope that all 3 of these companies can get it together.. Southwest, AirTrans and Boeing.

Because what’s the point in being free to move about the country, if you never make it about the country.