Lady Gaga’s Strange Halloween Pose Was Nothing More Than The Satanic Illuminati’s Baphomet posted by on October 28, 2013

I Can See Right Through Your Baphomet

I’m Callin’ This Bitch Out !!

So Lady Gaga was just in Berlin, Germany and raised her hands with her eyes shut tight as she left the Hotel Ritz barefoot.

And everybody in the World was like “What’s Lady Gaga Doin ? Just Doin Dumb Lady Gaga Sh!t again !!

Actually No.  What Lady Gaga is doing here is Nothing More Than  Worshipping Satan/Lucifer by striking a pose of the Centuries Old Occultic Luciferian Deity, The Baphomet and Goat Head.

I recognized this pose as I’ve seen it before.  I remember it was after Michael Jackson had passed away, and the preview Poster for AEG’s “This Is It” came out with Michael Jackson’s Silhouette in the same pose as Lady Gaga posed in Berlin.  There’s a good chance this Silhouette wasn’t the Actual Michael Jackson, considering he had been long gone.  So this Silhouette was created, as with other silhouettes using the Cornuda Hand Signal or “Devil Horns“.  But at the lower portion of Michael Jackson’s Legs, as they cross, you can see the formation of the Baphomet Crown or Torch.  Remember, Subliminal Messages is what the Entertainment Industry is all about.

The truth is, the positioning of the Body is made to emulate the Goat Head of Satan, as seen on the Baphomet.

So for all those people out there who keep thinking that Lady Gaga’s just this Eccentric person who makes strange choices just because… Let it be known.  Everything she does is based around Worshipping Satan… Publicly

Where have I seen this Exact Same Pose Before ?


Not The Real Michael Jackson's Silhouette On The Left... Which is Actually an Ode to Baphomet, As Seen On The Right

The Breakdown


It's All About This Dude... Lady Gaga's Papa-ratzi... The Bad Romance Promise She Wanted

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Luka Rocco Magnotta Arrested In Berlin posted by on June 4, 2012


I Guess You Were Wrong When You Said You Would Get Away With It

Glory Be To God For Some Light At The End Of A Dark Week.

Canada’s Alleged “Body Parts Killer” who has now been given the name the “Canadian Psycho” has been captured by Authorities in Berlin, Germany after an 4 day International Manhunt spanning across 3 countries.

Luka Rocco Magnotta has been Wanted by International authorities and fled Canada after allegedly sending body parts to offices of Canadian Government, believed to be the remains of Chinese student Lin Jun, a 33-year-old Concordia University student from Wuhan, Hubei, China. He was last seen on May 24, police said, and reported missing on May 29.  Jun lived in the same apartment building as Magnotta and was rumored to even be a former lover and the murder may even be rooted in Jun Lin finding a new lover.

Luka has been under a watchful eye for some time, as he posted videos of him torturing and killing kittens, and sending disturbing e-mails to the Britain’s Sun, Times after their reporter Alex West met with Magnotta.  The e-mails, suspected to be from Magnotta, detailed how he planned on killing again, and it would not be small animals next.  The Sun attempted to report Magnotta to Authorities at this time, but they did nothing. Authorities allege that Magnotta filmed the act of killing Lin Jun and dismembering his body, and even posted it on the internet.

Magnotta was spotted 2 nights in a row in a bar in Paris, and left remnants of Pornographic Magazines and Air Sick bags in his hotel.  Authorities were given tips that he may have fled to Berlin by Bus from Paris.

Lucky for the world, Magnotta was spotted at an Internet Cafe, when the owner of the Cafe recognized him and contacted authorities.  He is now in police custody and may go before a judge as early as tomorrow.

With all that is going on right now, it is good to see that there is some good news amidst the madness.  Psychologists have suggested that Magnotta has the mind of a Serial Killer, and also took part in the growing phenomenon of the Zombie Apocalypse and cannibalism with Lin Jun’s Body.

While many may not consider Magnotta’s obsession with Pornography to have any correlation with his violent and horrific lifestyle, I beg to differ.  Magnotta has already shown quite frightening character traits, and I can only believe that his addiction and obsession with Pornography only fueled an already disturbing individual.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com



Hotzpotz Couples Night #3: Ryan Philippe And Amanda Seyfried Leave London To Land In LAX posted by on April 10, 2011

You two aren't fooling anyone

Hotzpotz Couples Night #3: Ryan Philippe and Amanda Seyfried flew back into Los Angeles last night, via British Airways and LAX.  Seeing that they made it there in one piece, they probably weren’t riding in a Boeing 737.  The two have been spending the past week or so in Europe promoting their films, “Lincoln Lawyer” for Ryan and “Red Riding Hood” for Amanda.  The two have been trying their best not to be seen together, but we know they’re not fooling anyone.  As a matter of fact, here’s Amanda trying her best to duck out before the Hollywood premiere of “Lincoln Lawyer” last month:


Yeah... Like that's not obvious


Good to see these two are going strong though, especially with all this potential Baby Mama Drama Ryan’s facing with his ex, Alexis Knapp.  Although Ryan and Alexis didn’t work out, it seems Amanda’s willing to stick by his side no matter what the outcome…

At least for now.




Photo Credits : Wire Image / Anita Bugge / Jon Furniss / J Strauss