Mall Cop Gets The Bullied Grandma Treatment After Taser / Attack Video Goes Viral posted by on February 4, 2013



Atlanta Mall Cop Darien Long must know what it is he has to deal with on a daily basis at his job and was smart enough to invest in a camera stationed to his vest in order to catch some of the unruly patrons he probably has to deal with.

But in this NSFW video filmed last May that’s just gone Viral in the last 3 days, we see exactly what situations Darien purchased this camera for.  He is seen being viciously verbally attacked by 2 mothers, who didn’t take kindly to Darien asking their kids to pipe down… prompting the 2 Mama Bears to kick in their Mama Bear instincts.  However, these women seemed to be looking to pick a fight, because they never let up on poor Mr. Long for a Long Time, getting in his face, cussing him out while he continuously requested they “Back Up”, even retreating back into the Atlanta Mall on Several occasions, and warning the moms and their kids to stay off the Private Property which they were no longer welcome.

Well of course that didn’t work… leaving Darien no choice but to give one of the crazy baby mama’s the Mama Bear Taser treatment after she repeatedly attacked and assaulted the Security Guard… Leading to even more threats by the Dad of one or some of the kids.

In a world where a lot of use of tasers becomes online controversy, it seems the public has no doubts about who was at fault here… leading to an online fundraising campaign that has now totalled well over $25,000 to assist Darien in purchasing “better or more” gear… a good call considering the wild families are looking for revenge.  Maybe Darien should just take the money and quit his job instead… Your Life and your Safety are more important.

Aaahhh… Moments like these almost restore your lost faith in humanity when you actually see the general public making the right decision, reminiscent of Karen Klein, the Bus Monitor Grandma who was bullied by kids.. only to receive over Half a Million Dollars last year in publicly gifted contributions after that video went viral.

I guess these days.. Revenge is a Dish best served on YouTube Uploads.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com