What Are The Chances Texting And Driving Caused Kylie Jenner’s Accident ???? posted by on August 29, 2013

When all your Big Sisters are Dummies... Chances are... Ur Gonna be a Dummy too... But you'd Rather not be a Crash Test Dummy. Keep your eyes ON THE FUCKING ROAD

I would say bet the House on it !!

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner Klan got into a 3 car accident this morning around their Homeland of Calabasas, with Kylie Jenner allegedly rear ending a vehicle in her Range Rover with Brush Guards, causing significant damage to the cars rear end she hit.. then causing that car to rear end another car.

Looks like Kylie’s going to get her first lesson in the real world… cause i’m pretty sure at least 1 of the 2 cars in front of her is going to consider a lawsuit claiming whiplash.

Kylie and sister Kendall Jenner hve been notoriously reported for Texting while Driving, even at one point being filmed by paparazzi while texting and driving.

If you see the severity of how hard she must’ve slammed into the car in front of her… it’s clear she wasn’t pay9ing attention, and quite likely Texting While Driving, causing such a severe impact.

This girl better hurry up and learn from Dr. Frank Ryan before its too late.  And hearing from how she reacted at the scene, I wouldn’t put it past her that she was trying to scurry her way out quick before people realized she was texting and driving, probably adding even greater penalties to the accident itself.  Welcome to the DMV Point System Kylie.

Further proof that Wealth… and Fame.. Does NOT Equate to Wisdom.

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“Can You Hear Me Now? Good… You’re Fired !!” posted by on April 16, 2011

You can't hear sh!t now homay

After 9 long years of the most annoying catch phrase sales slogan in corporate history… Verizon has decided to finally cut ties with their Verizon Man, played by actor Paul Marcarelli.

Paul made a small fortune acting as Verizon’s “spokesperson” to represent their clarity and coverage.  He was contractually obligated to perform in 20-40 commercials per year, and he was paid up to $6,000 per commercial, which is actually a really low amount when you consider any nationally televised commercial.  I guess the tradeoff was his steady work, which also included paid appearances.

Paul said the work did not come without a price.  Paul, who is openly gay, would have young people drive by his home in the middle of the night yelling out “Can you hear me now fa@@ot !”.

Needless to say, he, and the rest of the world will be all happy to finally put “Can You Hear Me Now?” to silence.