Ryan Reynolds Gets A Raise And Signs On For “Deadpool 2″ posted by on April 7, 2016
Head Of The Crass

Head Of The Crass

Deadpool 2 is Greenlit and ready to go !!

Deadpool has gone on to be the highest grossing Rated-R Film .. Surpassing The Matrix Reloaded and earning over $750 Million Worldwide with a budget of only $58 Million.  Strangely, the film cut out a bunch of scenes to shave $7 Million of the budget last minute.  In 20/20 Hindsight, they could’ve kept those scenes in there.

But Ryan Reynolds took in a paltry $2 Million Dollars up front, although I’m sure he negotiated some points in the end, probably bringing his running total for the film to around $10 Million.

Well, Marvel and Reynolds went back to the negotiating table, and probably got himself a cool $10 Million + on the front end for Deadpool 2, and significant points in all their upcoming productions.

Filming is set to begin this Fall and is set for a 1st Quarter release in 2018.

Speaking of Green Lights… I personally thought The Green Lantern could’ve given Deadpool a run for its money.  Yeah, critics loved Deadpool way more, but all the crass Deadpool nonsense got old for me pretty quickly.

That same formula is probably here to stay… since they made damn near a Billion Dollars and all

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo: Marvel Studios

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