The Lady Of Rage Has A Little Message For George Zimmerman posted by on March 23, 2012

A Picture Is Worth A Million Hoodies And Priceless Life

Toni Monroe and Legendary Hip-Hop Artist And Death Row Records Veteran Lady Of Rage rocked the house at Dim Mak Studios in Hollywood Last night… And after the show was over, Rage let the World know just how she feels (and just about how everyone else feels) about Racist Murderer George Zimmerman.

And to the Spirit and Soul of 17 Year-Old Trayvon Martin… We will not let your young life pass in vain.

We Promise

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo: SunOfHollywood.com

15 Years Ago Today, Our World Lost Its Greatest Revolutionary Mind… Tupac Shakur posted by on September 13, 2011

And They Say It’s The White Man I Should Fear

But It’s My Own Kind Doin’ All The Killin’ Here


Our World Has Missed Out On 15 Years Of This Man's Knowledge

After being shot in Las Vegas on September 7th 1996, Tupac Shakur’s life hung in the balance for 6 days, until he succumbed to his injuries.  What should have been a celebratory evening after Mike Tyson’s victory over Bruce Seldon, turned out to be a day of great mourning.  He was shot by an unknown driver off the corner of Flamingo and Koval in Las Vegas, and taken to nearby University Medical Center, where he died of respiratory failure and cardiac arrest.

Our world lost far more than a Hip-Hop Artist, they lost a Revolutionary.  A product of the Black Panther movement in Oakland, California, Tupac was raised with an understanding and awareness of the injustices in America that few people will ever understand.  His wisdom and insight in the fallen world we live in have outlived his physical presence, and continued to spread far beyond the reaches of bordered nations.

In a world where few can understand what is currently happening, or what direction we are heading, Tupac was the One man, who chose to use his intellect, his creativity, and his ability to speak truth into the world, to attempt to change the world we were living in.  Had he still been alive today, our world would be a very different place.

Thank you Pac for all you have done for our world, and all you have left behind for Generations to come.  Your Life, Legacy, and your Message will never be forgotten.

In honor of his passing, here is the video for “Changes”, which was released only a few short weeks after he left this Earth… Only to prove we lost one of the greatest men, purposed of God, to have ever roamed this world.



Happy 40th Birthday Tupac Shakur posted by on June 16, 2011

To the man who never made it to 30 or 40... Your Words And Strength Live On Forever

While today, being Tupac’s Birthday, would be considered a bittersweet day, mixed with pain, sorrow, and joy that this dude even existed and left such timeless gifts behind…

We can at least rejoice in the fact and proof that truth always has a way of revealing itself, just as Dexter Isaacs finally came forward and revealed the true inner workings behind the Quad Studio shooting in 1994, which Tupac miraculously survived before being gunned down near the intersection of Flamingo and Koval in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Let’s just hope that further truth continues to reveal itself, and we find out who truly was behind the September 7th 1996 shooting that left this world without the greatest artist / activist / revolutionary / prophet this world and Hip-Hop has and ever will know.

God bless you bro, and everyone who knows what you’ve done in our world today.



May The Justice For Tupac Begin posted by on June 15, 2011

Pac Is Lookin Down On Us Smilin'... Just As He Has Always Been

Convicted Felon Dexter Isaacs has released a statement from prison, confessing to be the shooter of Tupac’s Infamous 1994 shooting at Quad Studios in Times Square, New York City.

This was the infamous robbery/shooting which left Tupac with 5 bullet holes, and one grazing his head and testicle.  This shooting is what later sparked the historic East Coast / West Coast Beef which led to the slaying of both Tupac Shakur, who was shot in Las Vegas on September 7th, 1996 and later dying on September 13th, and the death of Christopher Wallace in Los Angeles on March 9th, 1997 in front of the Petersen Automotive Museum.  Tupac consistently referred to the shooting incident as being an orchestrated hit, involving Biggie, Puffy, Bad Boy Entertainment, Andre Harrell, Little Shawn of Junior Mafia and “Stretch” a man later found to be an FBI Informant.

Tupac’s murder, who would have been 40 years old tomorrow, June 16th, and Biggie’s remain a mystery.  But according to Dexter Isaacs, he was paid a measly $2,500 for the hit on Tupac in 1994 by Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond, President of Henchmen Entertainment.

Rosemond’s legal team has denied the allegations, but Isaac’s statement reads:

“I want to apologize to his family [Tupac Shakur] and for the mistake I did for that sucker [Jimmy Henchman], I am trying to clean it up to give [Tupac and Biggie’s] mothers some closure.”

I guess he finally realized he was part of what led to the demise of quite possibly the greatest Hip-Hop Artist and one of the most powerful minds and souls of all time.

Let’s hope these events lead to more discovery of what really happened nearly 15 years ago, taking away the lives of the greatest we will ever know in Hip-Hop.

*** To read Tupac’s famous interview with Vibe Magazine, giving his perspective on the Quad Studios Shooting, Click Here ***

Tupac also gave reference to this shooting in his song “Only God Can Judge Me”

I hear the Doctor standin’ over me, Screamin I can make it

Got a Body full of Bullet-holes layin’ here naked… Still I

Can’t Breathe, something’s evil in my IV

Cause Everytime I breathe, I think they killin’ me

I’m havin’ nightmares, homicidal fantasies

I wake up stranglin’, Danglin my bedsheets

I call the nurse cause it hurts to reminisce

How did it come to this? I wish they didn’t miss.

Somebody help me, tell me where to go from here

Cause even Thugs cry, but do the Lord care?

Try to remember but it hurts

I’m walkin’ through the cemetery talkin to the dirt

I’d rather die like a man, than live like a coward

There’s a Ghetto up in Heaven and it’s Ours, “Black Power!”

Is what we scream as we dream in a paranoid state

and our fate is a lifetime of hate

Dear Mama can ya save me?

And fu@k Peace cause the streets got our babies, We gotta eat

No more hesitation, each and every black male’s trapped

And they wonder why we’re suicidal, runnin’ round strapped

Mister Police, please try to see

That it’s a Million Motherfu@kers stressin’ Just like me

Only God Can Judge me



Exclusive: Does Josh Harraway Have What It Takes To Be 2Pac2 ?? Joslyn James Seems To Think So posted by on April 8, 2011

Out On Bail, Fresh Outta Jail, California Dreamin' / Soon As I Step On The Scene, I'm Hearin Joslyn Screamin'

Let me introduce y’all to my boy Josh Harraway.  In case you didn’t catch him last night on TMZ TV, he’s the world’s first Tupac Impersonator, and he’s definitely got the genetic makeup to challenge any mothaphu**a on the streets (sorry, that was the Pac in me).

Josh is up for the role to portray Tupac Shakur in the upcoming Biopic on his life, directed by Antoine Fuqua and produced by Morgan Creek Productions.  They’ve been basically searching all corners of the globe to find a guy to play the Legend that defied the laws of life and death.  And while no man or lyricist could ever accurately duplicate Pac’s lyrical prowess… There’s no doubt that my boy Josh should be Top Contender Numero Uno when it comes to 2Pac.

And if the ever looming presence of Joslyn James is any indicator (I like to call the two “Joshlyn“), Josh is a shoe in for the role… Cause if chicks are diggin Josh like they used to dig Pac, then he’s def got the persona down packed.  It’s no wonder she dropped that Tiger foo to be with 2Pac2!

Check out more of Josh Harraway as 2Pac2 at www.TupacImpersonator.com

Exclusive Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

Exclusive Photos : www.SunOfHollywood.com