Warren G Gets The G-Funk Presidential Treatment At DEW NBA 3X posted by on October 24, 2016


Warren G is Such a West Coast Hip-Hop Legend… He doesn’t just Rock Stages…

Nope… Dude will Rock a packed at Airplane Hangar Courtside for the NBA and Mountain Dew for their DEW NBA 3X Tournament.

The tournament has had stops nationwide, but yesterday Warren G just so happen to be there at their LA stop in Santa Monica.

It also just so happened to be the same time President Barack Obama landed on the Best Coast in a Hangar next door before some Campaign Fund Raising.  But that traffic aynt about Obama… it’s about the G Child rockin it… holdin up your schedule.

We also brought Babee Loc through, Snoop Dogg’s favorite actor who will be appearing in Snoop’s “Only Way Out” … after having already seen him in Snoop’s “G7” Film.

And of course some Fam stepped through as we were chillin backstage in the form of Daz Dillinger and Bigg A.

What a Time to Be Alive


Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Behind The Scenes: Warren G Brings The Ladies Out To The Party He Will Throw Now posted by on June 9, 2012

Warren G Doin What He Does Best... Consuming Some Skirts For The Eve

Warren G was out chillin with nuffin but a Bevy of Beauties on Thursday, as he filmed the Music Video for his latest single, “Party We Will Throw Now” which also features Game, and the Late Great Nate Dogg.

Startling Lineup

Warren G always has his hands full when it comes to the Girls

Warren was not only surrounded by a bunch of fly ladies, but quite a few fly rides in the form of a G-Child’s main staple, Chevy Impalas on some Hydraulics, hittin switches making Downtown LA warehouses shake, rattle and roll.

Focused On Being In Focus

"LB" The City By The Sea

All Fingers Point In Warren G's Direction

And dangit if the fly ladies wasn’t just flockin like pigeons, crowd around a mofo with nothing but drool worthy aesthetics from all over the Globe.  Take for example, Vietnamese Thao Nguyen, along with Ukranian born Jenia Sapa and Elizandra Dutra reppin for Brazil.  Ay man, this may be West Coast, but when it comes to the Hunnies, We Never Ever Ever Discriminate !!

Thao Nguyen Is Bustin' Out

Don't You Wish Jenia Sapa Came With Every Ride ?

Jenia Sapa And Elizandra Dutra Show No Mercy

Elizandra Dutra Throws You Into Overdrive

She Catches You From Behind... The Camera

We also got to see Warren behind the Camera of a couple Red Ones Cams, of course a Must-Have for any Music Video Shoot, as every one was taking Warren’s Direction.

All Of You Skirts Know What's Up With 213

Warren G and The G-Funk Crew

If Looks Could Kill... These Ladies Would Have It On Lock

The song is the first Posthumous release for the Beloved and Legendary Nate Dogg, who Warren pays tribute to at the end of the song, quoting from Tupac’s track “Pour Out A Little Liquor” from the “Above The Rim” Soundtrack, where Warren says:

“And Can’t Nobody Diss My Ni@@a, Damn, I Miss My Ni@@a

Pour Out A Little Liquor, Big Nate Dogg Ni@@a 213, From The City By the Sea”

The Greatest... Thank You For Blessing Our World... Nate Dogg And Prophecy

Truly, Nate Dogg will forever be missed and forever remembered.  But it’s always awesome to know we still have other West Coast Hip-Hop Legends like Warren G to keep memories and creativity alive.

Can’t Wait to see the Video Big Homey

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photos & Video : SunOfHollywood.com


Photos & Video : SunOfHollywood.com


Photos & Video : SunOfHollywood.com