Justin Bieber Just Dug Himself Deeper… Videos Of N-Word Killing & Joining The Ku Klux Klan Finally Hit The World posted by on June 4, 2014

Yes, I’m sorry to say… I have been waiting for this day.

Here is the Truth about Justin Bieber’s “N Word” Videos..

Those Behind The Scenes of the Industry have all known of these Videos, and in Truth, There are Even More Than These.

The Most Damning yet is the Video Released today by The Sun, a 14-year old Justin Bieber changing the Lyrics of his song “One Less Lonely Girl”, Written by Usher Raymond, the Dude who Signed him… to “One Less Lonely N****R”.. then to say “If I Kill You.. Then I’m Part of The KKK” !!!!

Holy Dagnabbit, the Likes of which Vulgarity have NEVER Been Seen Before.  And now people finally get to see the True Bieber.  Not Some PR Machine and Image built off Smoke & Mirrors as are MOST Entertainment Careers.

It’s like us Finding out Tiger Woods was not this Great Husband & Father as Nike & Titleist & Buick Thought he was.

Or when finding out Jon & Kate Plus 8 was Really looking to be only 7 with a fakeazz Marriage.

All for the Glitz, Glamour, Lights, Camera, Action & Fame… What a Tangled Web We Weave, When We Conspire to Deceive.

But why have I been waiting for this day for so Long ?

It is Already Bad Enough that you can see the Character of this Kid.. and that it will Likely be an Upward Climb to Morality from this point… and yes, I was actually slightly Disgusted more than I was happy about him pretending to know anything about the Love of God and Jesus Christ.

Because to me, these tapes, being released as they have been, is Retribution for his Sins he Committed against Chris Guerra… the Man he Blatantly Lied about just One day after he Tragically Lost his Life on January 1st, 2013… after telling a friend that he Saw Justin Bieber Smoking Weed while driving his Ferrari around Beverly Hills… More Reckless Endangerment from the Sociopathic and Terribly Uneducated Teen Idol.

After news of that hit, Justin Bieber and his Clever (Up Until Now) PR Team of Lies attempted a Smear Campaign on Chiris Guerra, attempting to make him out to be a Liar.. Just one Day after being Tragically Struck by a Speeding SUV.

God Calls us to Forgive… Lying about a Young Man who just lost his life is Hard to Forgive. Lies Themselves, Are Evil.

But Now that Truth has Been Revealed… Then I’m One Step Closer to Letting it Go.  He Needs to Apologize to Chris Guerra.

He Owes Chris & His Family An Apology.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Video: TMZ

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The Zombie Apocalypse Is Real. And It Is Only Beginning posted by on May 31, 2012


Zombies. They're Just A Sign Of The Times

I bet you’re all wondering what’s going on right now.

I don’t.  The Darkness in Our World, that is taking over from various directions, is very real, and it is happening right now.

Sorry, I’m not here to Sugarcoat the World that we live in.  And in reality, The Entertainment Industry IS In Fact One Of Those Things Made To Sugarcoat This Dark, Destructive and Fallen World.

And the Latest Phenomenon to Rear it’s Horrifically Ugly Head is in Fact This New Zombie Apocalypse.

The First Very Real Event of this deals with the Highly Publicized event of a Naked 31 Year-Old Rudy Eugene, who literally ripped off and practically ate the Face, Nose and Eyes of 65 year-old Ronald Poppo in a savage and beastly cannibalistic act on a man already experiencing the misfortune of a Homeless Lifestyle in Miami, Florida.  When police found Naked Rudy over his victim and was ordered to stop, Rudy Growled like a Beast and continued with his Feast, prompting Police to Open Fire, killing Rudy.

Poppo has been blessed enough at this point to have the required surgeries to help restore his face donated to him, a possible medical total of $200,000.  Currently, Rudy is suspected to have been under the influence of and experiencing a Psychotic Fit or form of Psychosis from “Bath Salts” at the time, a highly potent form of LSD that has begun to take the streets.

But what makes that even more fu@ked up is not this Awful, Tragic and Horrific Story, but the fact that there are several stories emerging that are frighteningly similar.

Take the latest example with 26 year-old Jarrod Wyatt, a U.S. Cage fighter who Ripped out the Still-Beating Heart of his Training Partner, 21 Year-old Taylor Powell. Jarrod apparently was convinced his partner was “Possessed by the Devil“, and cut his chest open with a knife and ripped out his heart.  In addition to all of this, Jarrod also ripped off his face, tongue and eyes.  Jarrod told police that he burned his organs in a fire because he needed to “Stop the Devil“.

Jarrod was apparently seen earlier drinking a Tea based of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms, and his Defense Attorney James Fallman is doing his best to blame it on the drugs.  Sorry buddy, dude ripped out a man’s heart.  I think he needs to be locked away, Mushrooms or NOT.

But Jarrod too was found bloodied and Naked, just like Rudy Eugene, over his victim.  Just this one detail is enough for me to see that there is clearly a Dark Spirit or Presence over both these two, as if the horrific details of their completely “unrelated” incidents weren’t enough.  Just as I told you the Twin Venice Earthquakes are related, so are these incidents.

Then there’s also the case with Wayne Carter, who shared damn near 98% of Lil Wayne’s Government name, Dwayne Carter.

This dude barricaded himself in his room and police were called by those who were afraid Wayne was going to harm himself.  Police came to the door and dude starts stabbing himself and throwing pieces of skin and intestines at the Police.  The Police then got Wayne with the Pepper Spray, which seemed to do nothing but enrage him.  Police then retreated and brought in a S.W.A.T. Team.  The Team managed to have Wayne subdued.  He’s now in a Hospital in Critical Condition.  There is also of course suspicion of Drug Use with Carter.

Another Story of Alexander Kinyua, a 21-year-old Morgan State University student, allegedly confessed Tuesday to killing and dismembering his roommate, 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie. According to police records, Kinyua further admitted to eating the man’s heart and “portions of his brain”

Human remains were found by Kinyua’s brother inside metal tins in the basement of the house where Kinyua and Agyei-Kodie lived.

Then I’m going to end this with the story of Canadian Adult Gay Film Star Luke Magnotta or Luka Rocco Magnotta , a.k.a. Eric Clinton Newman and Vladimir Romanov, who is named as the Prime Suspect of killing someone and sending various body parts to various Post Offices and Offices of Canadian Government.  An Asian man has been missing from the apartment complex that Luke has lived in for 4 months.  Luke has also been accused of killing kittens and posting videos of the act online.

Yo, Straight Up.  Whatever the Drugs or Case May Be, There Is Still A Spirit behind all of these things.  Whether they’re triggered by Drugs, Subliminal Messages, or any other form of Digital Transmission to Influence us, it is no coincidence that one of our worst Horror Film Nightmares is beginning to arise. What Makes Matters Worse Is Due To Their Highly Publicized Nature, These Events Will Only Be Mimicked And Copycatted By Other Sick Freaks And Human Beasts Out There Who Are Easily Susceptible To These Types Of Influences.  Do NOT Forget That we Are Living In A Spiritual / Supernatural Realm Of War on This Place we Call Earth.  These Are Just Signs Of The Times Of The Intensifying End Of Days.

I don’t know what to tell you to brace yourselves or prepare for this impending Zombie Apocalypse.  In The End, The Zombie Apocalypse is just ONE Aspect of the way our world is turning and deterioriating.  What I am Here To Say is this should be even more signs of the times, of this World that has Lost its way.  And it is up to you, on an Individual Level, to make the change.

Fight The Good Fight Of Faith.  Cause In The End, There Is Nothing We Can Do About The World We Live In.  We Can Only Do Something About The Souls We Become When We Leave This World.

Peace In Times Of War

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Lady Gaga Fan’s Curiosity Killed A Cat posted by on April 16, 2011

That's why they never sang "I Wanna Be Like... Lady Gaga"

Here’s a situation where idolizing your favorite star becomes a problem… Especially when that star is Lady Gaga

A 20 year old resident of Oklahoma, Angelina Barnes, wanted to be just like Lady Gaga, and decided to kill a cat in order to wear a special outfit to attend her concert.  According to Sheriff’s reports, Barnes drowned the Tabby, mutilated its eyes, sliced it from the belly up, stored its liver in a make-up case and wore its blood to the concert with her.

She was later taken to a hospital where she threatened a male nurse with broken glass.  Her family noted some strange behavior, such as duct taping the light switches so as to keep the lights in her room off and her room dark.

Barnes is currently being treated at Griffin Memorial Hospital – a psychiatric center in Norman, Oklahoma.

If you don’t know about the true nature of Lady Gaga’s lyrics and videos, I suggest you do some research.  She clearly has many dark and subliminal messages buried throughout her entire catalog of audios and visuals, and it is of no surprise that an incident like this would occur.  Especially after her bloody performance on MTV’s VMA’s in 2009, and her raw meat dress worn at the same show in 2010.