Justin Bieber Just Dug Himself Deeper… Videos Of N-Word Killing & Joining The Ku Klux Klan Finally Hit The World posted by on June 4, 2014

Yes, I’m sorry to say… I have been waiting for this day.

Here is the Truth about Justin Bieber’s “N Word” Videos..

Those Behind The Scenes of the Industry have all known of these Videos, and in Truth, There are Even More Than These.

The Most Damning yet is the Video Released today by The Sun, a 14-year old Justin Bieber changing the Lyrics of his song “One Less Lonely Girl”, Written by Usher Raymond, the Dude who Signed him… to “One Less Lonely N****R”.. then to say “If I Kill You.. Then I’m Part of The KKK” !!!!

Holy Dagnabbit, the Likes of which Vulgarity have NEVER Been Seen Before.  And now people finally get to see the True Bieber.  Not Some PR Machine and Image built off Smoke & Mirrors as are MOST Entertainment Careers.

It’s like us Finding out Tiger Woods was not this Great Husband & Father as Nike & Titleist & Buick Thought he was.

Or when finding out Jon & Kate Plus 8 was Really looking to be only 7 with a fakeazz Marriage.

All for the Glitz, Glamour, Lights, Camera, Action & Fame… What a Tangled Web We Weave, When We Conspire to Deceive.

But why have I been waiting for this day for so Long ?

It is Already Bad Enough that you can see the Character of this Kid.. and that it will Likely be an Upward Climb to Morality from this point… and yes, I was actually slightly Disgusted more than I was happy about him pretending to know anything about the Love of God and Jesus Christ.

Because to me, these tapes, being released as they have been, is Retribution for his Sins he Committed against Chris Guerra… the Man he Blatantly Lied about just One day after he Tragically Lost his Life on January 1st, 2013… after telling a friend that he Saw Justin Bieber Smoking Weed while driving his Ferrari around Beverly Hills… More Reckless Endangerment from the Sociopathic and Terribly Uneducated Teen Idol.

After news of that hit, Justin Bieber and his Clever (Up Until Now) PR Team of Lies attempted a Smear Campaign on Chiris Guerra, attempting to make him out to be a Liar.. Just one Day after being Tragically Struck by a Speeding SUV.

God Calls us to Forgive… Lying about a Young Man who just lost his life is Hard to Forgive. Lies Themselves, Are Evil.

But Now that Truth has Been Revealed… Then I’m One Step Closer to Letting it Go.  He Needs to Apologize to Chris Guerra.

He Owes Chris & His Family An Apology.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Video: TMZ

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Penn State Apologizes For Chi Omega Sorority’s Racist Photo posted by on December 6, 2012

One of the Truest Beauties of Life is Learning to Think for Yourself... I Guess That Would Make These Girls Just Plain Ugly

Penn State has issued a formal apology for the actions of Chi Omega’s Nu Gamma Chapter, where a photo was circulated with a group of women dressed in Ponchos and Sombreros with signs saying “Will Mow Lawn For Weed + Beer” and “I Don’t Cut Grass, I Smoke It”.

After at least one of these dumbazz chicks posted the photo, taken around Halloween to Tumblr and Facebook.  Onward State, Penn State’s Student Blog, identified some of the women tagged in the photos as members of Chi Omega Sorority.

Both Penn State and Chi Omega Sorority has issued Public Apologies, and the Sorority is now under investigation.  The incident is just another event to add to the Curse that has overcome Penn State after the scandal surrounding Jerry Sandusky, and the Fallen Joe Paterno who saw his life end before Sandusky was sentenced to Jail.  You would think that the Student Body, as well as those kids in the Greek Groups, would being to willfully choose to think on a higher level of consciousness.

Allz I has to say is, Fraternities and Sororities have a tendency to perpetuate Group Mentalities that have can easily be Inferior to Reasonable Individual Mentalities… Especially when all Morals get skewed due to group consensus and traditions within each organization.  Groups will find themselves swaying towards a complete wrong simply because everybody follows suit, and nobody stands up to be the Independent Leader.

Let’s hope these ladies can learn from their errors… Not in taking the photo… Not in posting the photo… But in allowing themselves to think so lowly, both of others.. and of themselves.

Rise Above

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Aubrey O’Day And Andy Dick… They Aynt Playin, They’re Taking Risks !! posted by on October 14, 2012

Real People Take Real Risks.. Paris, Aubrey, And Even The Dick

Aubrey O’Day and Andy Dick were guests of Honor at the Risk ! Podcast show at the Sheraton Delfina in Santa Monica on Saturday

Aubrey… Who was lookin DAaaaAAAmmnNNN Fine by the way… got Real Deep, Vulnerable and Personal, and even shared about her “First Time”… yes, y’all…. she shared about losing her Virginity.  And then shared about her first True Betrayal with the man who she thought would be the love of her life.

And Andy, well, he revealed a bit much more than we expected.  He even got Up Close & Personal with his homey Paris. Don’t You Wish You Could Be “The Fly” on The Wall ????

We’ve got a lot to share with you about these 2 opening up about their Real Lives.  But you’ve gotta Stay In Tune, and we’ll bring it to you live.

Taking a RISK ! Means Gettin Up Close & Personal... With The Greatest Dick Of All

You Wish You Could Be With Aubrey All Day

His Hand On His Arm... His Skin On His Skin

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

Visit Risk ! At  :    risk-show.com

Nonstop’s Dance Moves Defy The Laws Of Gravity And Human Movement posted by on September 27, 2011

He Dances From Another Atmosphere

Mad Props to this dude… Nonstop, who’s been lighting the internet on fire in the last few days by showing off his absolutely unreal dance moves, Robotic Dubstep style, to a remix of Butch Clancy, in a way that I can guarantee has never been witnessed before.

And in truth, I believe Nonstop will be considered the greatest to ever Dubstep.  In other words, he’ll be considered the Greatest, as Michael Jordan is to Basketball, or Rodney Mullen to Freestyle Skateboarding, or how some considered Mike Tyson to Boxing or Tiger Woods to Golf… Pre-Hoochie Groupie Scandal.  He was clearly born to do this, and the rest of the world has no choice but to marvel when people follow the path in which they are destined to Master.  Mark My words… He WILL be considered the Master of this Art Form.

He also recently appeared on “So You Think You Can Dance” with his dance crew, REMOTEKONTROL.

Nonstop moves like he’s dancing from another world, with a lighter atmosphere, where gravity has less of an effect than it does to us minor Earthlings.  And let’s not forget to mention the fact that he moves like he has no joints or bones whatsoever.  The Huffington  Post cleverly said “he moves like a skyflatable in a slow-motion tornado… underwater.. and I would have to agree.

He’s been viewed about 2 Million times in just a few short days, and let’s be sure to add him more to blow him out of this atmosphere.  As if he hasn’t done it himself already.



Ashley Dupre Signs Nude Photos Of Herself posted by on May 13, 2011

She may have just been too tipsy to say NO

A seriously tipsy Ashley Dupre had a few nude photographs slip right by her as an autograph seeker presented her with a bunch of pics to sign.  He was pretty clever too.  He had like a stack of 10, then the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th photos were all nude.  She quickly ran through the first 6, then didn’t even realize she had already signed a nude photo of herself until it was too late.

Funny thing is, she acted as if she was so offended by the nude photo, or shocked that he would have her sign it, or shy that it was even out there.  Ummm… First of all, you took the pic.  Second of all, from what we know of you, a nude photo is super, super tame.

Can’t wait for the show.


Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com