The Magic Of The Artist Formerly Known As Psy Has Come To An End posted by on December 12, 2012

Bursted Bubble Style


I swear it was just days ago that the World was talking about Psy’s “Gangnam Style” taking over the heart of World Society, breaking all barriers, and generating Tens of Millions of Dollars in Market-Wide Industry Revenue.

And now a performance from 2004 in which he encouraged people to “Kill Yankees” has everybody changing their iTune of Psy Tunes.

The problem with this is what I like to coin as “The Mortal Jordan Rule”.  The Mortal Jordan Rule, as opposed to his Michael Jordan and Nike’s popular “Air” Persona… Deals with the Entertainment World’s version of “What Goes Up Must Come Down”.  Basically stating that everything that blows up in this Industry, will always have its end.  And it is taken from the notion that Michael Jordan had the most picture perfect Legacy, one that looked as if he was beyond human… only to come back from Retirement the 2nd time and almost tarnish the memory of his picture-perfect past. Sorta like how “The Matrix” was an Epic Film that re-ignited Keanu Reeves’s Career as an A-Lister, only to have the 2nd and 3rd Installments “Matrix Reloaded” and “Matrix Revolu;tions” to be so terrible… that we almost forgot how Good the Matrix was.

Few people are able to defy the times where they have gone past their prime.  Some examples would be Jerry Seinfeld, cancelling his show while it was still at the top.

The Greatest Person to defy this “Mortal Jordan Rule” was Tupac Shakur.  Because his untimely demise left him at the height of his game and physical prime only to be missed by the world, and his consistent flow of posthumous releases leaves the world mesmerized by his mysticism.

But with Psy’s past… Stating some of the most horrific things that would attack the core of the American People… I really find it hard to believe that people can forgive him enough, to only remember his YouTube defying feats.  He will still be performing at the Christmas in Washington Concert on December 21st, before “President” Barack Obama.  I’m sure at that moment, Psy will also issue a Public Apology.

But for those who thought Psy was a “One Hit Wonder”… well if he wasn’t before, he very well might be now.  I just find it hard for Radio Personnel to be as eager to give him spins.. and when it comes to those big Corporate Sponsorships and Commercials he’s been doing… yeah, that may calm down a bit too.

The Severity of this would be like the World finding out Justin Bieber likes to tell Racist Rants and Racist Jokes.  Yeah.  Don’t you think the World would be shocked ?  So the Magic that was once Psy, ,this dude stepping onto the Scene and capturing the World stage in his native Korean Tongue… is now likely to cause an even greater stir.  What may have been gained in Asian World relations with Respect to American Pop Culture may have actually been lost.. or may end up worse than before.  Only time will tell how the newly gained dynamics from Psy’s Hit will change.

Perhaps the purpose of Psy after all wasn’t just some cheesy video.  But to make people think.  Because one thing it has done, is opened discussion of the Unnecessary Violence that is War, and what it does to people Worldwide.

I guess Psy was here to break down the Psychology of the True State of Our International Relations.  But I don’t see Gangnam Style racking up another Billion YouTube Views anytime soon.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Katy Perry Set To Perform For Barack Obama In Las Vegas posted by on October 23, 2012

Waking Up in Vegas Is Gettin A Little On And Krackin

This is crazy to me.  At the beginning of “President” Barack Obama’s Term, he said “Don’t Spend Your Money In Vegas”.

From that point forward, the ENTIRE LOCAL ECONOMY CRASHED.  Houses lost 70% or more of their value.  The Residential Population lost 70%, dropping from nearly 2 Million to just over 600,000.

Las Vegas had some of THE WORST UNEMPLOYMENT In the Nation.

Now Prince Harry gets caught Naked in Vegas.  Now Barack wants to be Down.

Smart Move From The Democratic Campaign.

I”m tellin you, Vegas is on and Crackin and blowin up the Spot. Now you KNOW if Vegas is going to have Katy Perry perform for Barack Obama, They’re gonna do it BIG THIS WEDNESDAY in Doolittle Park at 6pm.

Yeah, that’s what I said. Doin It BIG, In Doolittle Park !! Hardee har harr

Eva Longoria is also set to make an appearance, and we’re pretty sure there’s gonna be a whole lot more folks to show.

And if you get a chance, Robert DeNiro and Morgan Freeman are filming their new project “Last Vegas”.  The set was filming in front of the Fountain Show at Bellagion on The Strip Today.

So yeah, Vegas is Krakkin, and trying to make that Political Pop Culture Move as Well.  If you’re in Town Wednesday, I suggest you nab them free tickets fast, cause this will definitely be a moment to remember.

Viva La Vida Vegas

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Maxim Magazine’s Editors Score… And Introduce The World To Elyse Dufour posted by on March 21, 2012

Elyse Dufour Leaves You And The World Just Begging For More

Looks like Maxim Magazine’s Editors Are At It Again… Selecting Tomorrow’s Hottest Starlets Today…

So now that Maxim has taken all the painstaking work out of the selection process… Let’s introduce you to Elyse Nicole Dufour … Gettin her Sugar Factory Lollipop on as The Editor’s Pick in this Months Edition of Maxim Magazine, on Newsstands now !!

Elyse is a young lady with a lot of heart and determination to make sure the world knows her name, and it’s looking like she’s doing a pretty great job at it so far.  Aside from gracing the pages of one of the World’s Premiere Mags with Beautiful Women worldwide… She’s getting a lot of film work under her belt, having already completed 3 Independent Films, with 2 more on the way.  That’s a lot of work homay.

What Does It Mean To Be Maxim Magazine's Editor's Pick ??? To Be The One Who Stands Tall Over All The World's Hottest Women

Elyse is based out of Washington D.CRight down the street from where Obama Sleeps. But she’s about to embark on some new horizons as her work demands are getting her used to some jet-setting ways, as she’ll be taking a visit to the West Coast and Tinseltown in just a few weeks… So Stay In Tune cause we’re pretty sure you’re gonna see some Glamorous Daily Activities in Hollywood as a Rising Star would.

Just as Giulini Wever was The Editor’s Pick in February, Elyse beat out hundreds of women from all over the country that are hoping and waiting for the world to get to know them… Sorry ladies, guess it’s just Elyse’s time this time.

And Elyse… Be wary of folks comin out the wood work since they now see your face is in magazine pages.

In order to have a career that lasts… Be Sure To Stay away from Snakes in the Grass !!


Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com


Nike Gets Set To Release Jeremy Lin’s “Linsanity” posted by on February 16, 2012

And The Linsanity Branding Begins

The entire World has caught Linsanity from Jeremy Lin’s superstardom that has taken over the entire Sports and Real World… Even President Barack Obama stated that he is quite impressed by the ball skills of Chinese/Taiwanese American Lin who also attended President Obama’s Alma mater, Harvard University.

With his Worldwide Superstardom growing with every game, leading the Knicks to a 7 game winning streak since he’s been playing, it’s only natural that all the advertisers and endorsers begin cashing in on the Linsanity Phenomenon.

Nike will soon be releasing their new line for the man of the hour… The Nike Hyperfuse 2011 Linsanity PE, the first batches of which will only be available in the Blue and Orange colors of The New York Knicks.  But considering the story and the name, I think these shoes would’ve been better if they called them “Linderella’s Slippers“.

But even with only these colors to choose from, I’m sure they will fly off the shelves just as both Lin’s Official and Counterfeit Jerseys have been doing all across the globe.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com


Illuminati Bloodlines Revealed By 12 Year-Old Girl… All U.S. Presidents Descend From One British King posted by on June 20, 2011

12 year-old BridgeAnne d’Avignon made an effort to trace back her genealogical roots in France, and decided to “branch out” to a different kind of Family Tree, searching through over 500,000 names and completing one of the greatest discoveries in Genealogical History.

Somehow this genius young lady managed to complete what even the greatest Genealogical groups have yet to prove.  That all Presidents trace back to ONE British KingJohn Lackland Plantaganet, who was King of England in 1166 and signed the “Magna Carte” in 1215.  He was given the nickname “Lackland” because he was the fifth son and there was originally no land left for him.

For anybody who is familiar with the “Illuminati” or the ruling Elite Families over our world, you probably already knew this and it comes at no news or surprise, especially if you knew that pretty much all our Presidents, including George Bush’s Jr. and Sr., Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and even President Barack Obama are distant cousins to Elizabeth, The Queen of England.  However, BridgeAnne managed to make the first Family Tree of its kind, which not only traced back through Male family bloodlines of the Presidents, but since she was able to trace the Female sides of the family tree, she managed to link all Presidents except for one, Martin Van Buren, back to King John “Lackland” Plantanaget.  In essence, as BridgeAnne explains it, ALL Presidents are Cousins, as well as Grandsons of King John.

We Should Nickname her:

“The Genius Of Genealogy”

Before BridgeAnne’s discovery, Genealogists were only able to link 22 Families of Presidents.  Severeal years ago, National Geographic conducted a study where they attempted to find if there was in fact a “Scientific Adam“.  They did in fact find that there is ONE Paternal Father over all the world, and traced that man back to Africa.  BridgeAnne reiterates this notion when she said that her findings have led her to believe we all come from somewhere, it’s just a matter of proving it.  And proving it she in fact just did.

She also found herself to be an 18th cousin to President Barack Obama.  She said she’s even tried contacting Obama, saying she’s written him a letter to show him her findings:

“I’ve written a letter to obama, but I’ve just gotten standard reply.

I hope to meet the President and like explain it to him”

Believe me… Your President Already Knows.



Barack Obama Makes Executive Decision To NOT Release Osama Bin Laden Death Photos posted by on May 5, 2011

I've got my EYE on you... And It's All-Seeing

I could’ve seen this coming… Even without the gift of “Prophecy

United States President Barack Obama has made the executive decision not to release postmortem photos of Osama Bin Laden, a decision that may within itself cause controversy since Osama’s body has reportedly been buried at sea.  Without the photos surfacing, and with Osama’s body apparently being disposed of, it appears as if the American public will have no proof of Osama’s actual death other than the fact that the United States Government announced it on May 1st, 2011.

The president cited that Osama is not a trophy, and to show his slain body would create a huge stir-up globally.  From what has been reported, there are 3 sets of photos of Osama Bin Laden. 1) Images of Osama Bin Laden’s body in a hangar after being transported back to Afghanistan,  with what is reported as a huge open head wound, though it’s been said that this is the most recognizable of the photos 2) Images of Osama Bin Laden’s body at the sea burial abord the USS Carl Vinson, both before and after a shroud was placed over his head and 3) Images of the actual raid itself, which also shows Osama’s two dead brothers, and one of his dead sons.

Images surfaced on the internet almost immediately after the May 1st announcement that claimed to be of a deceased Osama Bin Laden.  Those photos have later been debunked as fakes.

With almost no proof of Osama’s actual physical death, let’s just hope that the announcement was very real, and not just fantasy filmwork.

Here’s Jimmy Kimmel and “Rebecca Black” condemning Osama Bin Laden to Hell… on “Fryday