Happy End Of The World Everyone !!! December 21st, 2012 Is A Dud !! posted by on December 21, 2012



Don't Be Sad. The World As We Know It NEEDS To End

So far so good.  Our Planet is still in Tact.  No fragments of Earth in Space that we have to jump around on with the deep void of cold outer space around us.

It is December 21st, 2012 and we are all still able to live and breathe on Planet Earth.  Let Today be the day we finally “dead” our past, and move on to brighter futures.

If recent events have not shown you already… We As A People Are Losing The War Over Ourselves !! We Are Losing Left And Right.

It is now Our Responsibility to start taking Stands… And I Mean Serious Stands for What Is Right.  And if you don’t know what that is.. then let your first job be seeking after Truth and Knowledge.

Life is a Gift.  We were All thrown into this same one World and we will each have to depart from it one day.. Either Individually… or as a Whole the next time we try to predict a Doomsday… Or Even Worse… If the Doomsday Is By Our Own Hands.

Don’t Get It Twisted.  These Are Still Very Clearly The Last Days.  So Save Your Soul.

Cause It’s The Only Thing You’re Taking With You.

God Bless.. Happy Holidays… And Thankfully… Look Forward To A Happy 2013

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Global Tragedies Against The Innocents: Shooting In Connecticut… Stabbing in China posted by on December 15, 2012

Fear of Death From Education, I Thought The Days Would Never Be Seen. Darkened Are The Days Of The American Dream

Photo: AP

December 14th, 2012… A Date Which Will Live In Infamy

Tragedy struck on two sides of our Globe on Friday December 14th 2012… The most tragic of which is the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the quiet community of Newtown, Connecticut… When the identified shooter,20-year old Adam Lanza opened fire on the Kindergarten and Elementary School students at the the school where his mother was a Teacher’s Aid.  Adam’s mother, Nancy was found dead in their family home with a single gunshot wound to the face, shortly after he took his own life after ending the lives of nearly 30 others, including 20 children between the ages of 5 and 10 years old.  Reports state that Adam used a handgun and an assault rifle legally purchased and registered under his mother’s name.


Another Product of Our Lost and Broken Society

Photo: ABC News Exclusive

Alleged Sandy Hook Elementary shooter Adam Lanza as seen in this 2005 photo. ABC News Exclusive


This tragic event has resonated all too loud with this Nation that has dealt with such violent attacks on School Campuses as Columbine and Virginia Tech.

But this event was all too much even more devastating than any shooting we can remember, because the majority of the victims who lost their lives were innocent children.  The minds and hearts of these children at these ages are the only purity our world has, considering everything else beyond that realm of life has been riddled with corruption, violence and immorality in the society we are living in today.

There have been over 40 School Shootings since Columbine on April 20th, 1999.  And such a Nationally Devastating event as this, to come only a few months after the shootings allegedly by the hand of James Holmes before Dark Knight Rises at a Movie Theater in Aurora, Colorado… Should cause us all to really think about what is going on with our Nation.

But add to that an event that also occurred on the same day… Half a World Away… Should be even more troubling.

36 year old Min Yingjun Stabbed 22 Children on their way to Chenpeng Village Primary (Elementary) School in Central China, also on Friday Morning as the kids were on their way to school around 8am.  China has had a string of incidents surrounding their Schools over the last few years, which has left a total of around 30 dead and 50 wounded. The children of this school ranged in age from 6-11, right around the EXACT SAME AGE GROUP as the children at Sandy Hook in Connecticut.  A graphic image has even found its way on the Internet of Min Yingjun holding a Huge Knife to a crying young boy in his possession.

Some believe Mental Illnesses may be the root cause of this problem, with reports saying that Adam Lanza was Autistic, and slowly grew to resent his family and how they treated him.  Some are explaining the string of attacks on Chinese Schools as a result of people not properly coping with the Rapid Growth, Modernization and Industrialization of Chinese Society.

At any rate, the Dark Forces have spoken.  December 14th,, sandwiched one week after Pearl Harbor and one week before the Mayan Doomsday of December 21st… There is clearly a message to be found from both of these incidents.  And it should let us know how much we have fallen apart in a Society.  No society is immune.  We are all seeing more than our fair shares of Tragedy.  Whether the world Ends on December 21st, which I believe it won’t, we still have this horrible error in our society to face and reflect upon.  Whether these are our final days or not.

There will now be an intense pressure for Gun Control Laws.  And while I myself believe Guns… as I also believe all weapons intended to give any one human being the power to end the life of any other human being… whether on a small or large scale… should not be in existence in our Society…  A Society that breeds destruction, will never stop until it has destroyed itself Completely.  The fact that our Human society has placed so much time, energy, resources and finances, to perfect killing machines that destroy and tear through human organs and flesh is one of the greatest parts of our Tragic Present and Bleak End.

But the problem with Gun Control, is the Double Edged Sword.  Because a relinquishment of weapons by the Citizens of a Nation, Usually is the Precursor to the Greatest of Oppressions and Crimes Against Humanity by a Governing State over a People ever Recorded.  And when we know our entire World System and Culture is run by the hands of a Ruling Class Elite, we can be rest assured that Tyranny is one of their future plans and options.

Being that Both of these Attacks focused on our World’s Children, in a World where all are a part of this World Stage… We can only be certain that this is analogous of the Direct Attack at the Core of our Families and our Society’s future as a whole.  Our Immoral and Dark Society has bred a World that is no longer safe for our Children, our Ourselves.

For 20 Children who would have never known, foreseen or imagined an end for themselves in this manner.. and for their Families that will Forever Mourn the Loss of a Child who was robbed of their Life’s Potential… We can only hope that this Loss will help do whatever it is that it takes to Turn This World Around.

Because if we haven’t seen it by now… We are Already Too Late.

“A World That Breeds Destruction Will Never Stop

Until It Has Destroyed Itself Completely” – Prophecy

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo: Associated Press, ABC News Exclusive







Warren Buffet “The Wall Street Yoda” Declares The Continued Devaluation Of The Dollar posted by on May 1, 2011

I've Got My Money On The Devaluation Of Money

When Warren Buffet speaks, the entire financial world listens.  And what he had to say is not too pretty.

Just as the “Video For Vanquish” dude was talking about the devaluation of the U.S. Dollar… Warren Buffet, financial guru to the world, has made sentiments that would agree with just that.  Buffet was speaking in front of a crowd in Omaha when he said:

“No question that the purchasing power of U.S. dollar will decline over time. Only question is at what rate it will happen.”

This of course comes as no surprise to those who are truly in tune with what is happening with our country and the financial system, however it is the general public that has yet to understand the true ramifications of recent events, such as the Economic Stimulus Package, and the Bank Bailout Plan.  Anybody who knows anything would know that these two moves, will cause nothing but hyperinflation of our currency, leading many to believe that the true agenda is to devalue the U.S. Dollar completely, in order to introduce a new currency… Possibly the digital currency as required in the rumored “Cashless Society“.

Buffet continued to say that it’s not a matter of whether or not the Dollar would continue to decline in value, but at what rate.

Looks like we’re all in for quite a dubious future.

Remain feeling blessed to be alive, cause times will get rough.

Oh yeah.. and “The Wall Street Yoda“, another one of my coined phrases.  Stay off the nut$ack.