Speaking Of 50 Cent… Floyd Mayweather Airs Twitter Beef With Jeremy Lin’s Rising Stardom posted by on February 14, 2012


Here we go again...

So Floyd Mayweather decided to say on Twitter that Jeremy Lin is a bunch of hype simply because he’s Asian.


You don’t see Asians all up and down the NBA court… practically ever.  Asians are simply not known to be ball players like that. Yao Ming was the first, and as great of a player he was during his career, he is still not the player that Jeremy Lin is.  Jeremy Lin became the Unexpected Superstar simply because nobody expects some Asian dude runnin around the court lookin like Kobe.. which is why some fans even began calling him “The Yellow Mamba

Jeremy Lin dropped nearly 40 points in only his 4th game ever as a starter against the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant, while being defended by Derek Fisher, Matt Barnes, Steve Blake and EVEN Pau Gasol with Little to No Success!!  Does anybody remember when he shot over Pau Gasol’s 7 foot head to sink a 3 pointer as the game was closing out ??  In all honesty, I knew Knicks would win that game… and I knew that Jeremy Lin would be the team’s leader that night.  If I was in Vegas, I would have def thrown down on the +170 Moneyline.  But even I didn’t expected such an extraordinary game against one of the NBA’s Elite teams.

Kid’s 23 years old as well, and a complete Underdog story.  The whole sleepion on the brother’s couch nonsense, along with all the teams that never gave him a real chance… also probably because he was ASIAN.

So in the end, there’s a lot more to Jeremy Lin’s fanfare than just his game play.  It’s his entire story, and it is in fact also because he’s Asian, transcending a game where there are no Asians.  The same reason why Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors let him pass them by is the same reason why the whole world is enamored by Jeremy.  With him, the only thing you can expect is in fact the unexpected.

I haven’t watched full NBA games in a while.  I simply don’t have the time these days.  But being a Los Angeles Laker Fan and a Chinese American, I am thankful i watched such an extraordinary and historic game from start to finish.  A game where Jeremy showed not only his incredible ball skills, but his unselfish play that has unlocked a new potential in the New York Knicks.

With Jeremy Lin… They WILL make the Playoffs.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com