Is Ford Preparing The World For Their Golden Unicorn ??? A 4-Door Ford Mustang ? posted by on September 2, 2011

Could This Be The First Look At A 2012 4-door Ford Mustang

So I was driving around Beverly Hills last night, near the Century City Shopping Mall, and drove by a peculiar test vehicle with Detroit Manufacturers Plates.

At first glance, it definitely had to be a Ford.  And as I looked at the Rear lights, it definitely reminded me of a Mustang.  However, the car had 4 doors.  So I tried to get a closer look and speak to the driver, who definitely acted like he hasn’t been laid in a while before rolling up his window to shut me out.

But when I saw the front of the car (which I unfortunately was unable to get a picture of), the nose was incredibly sleek and aerodynamic, reminding me much of an Aston Marton, only even more bottle-nosed.

This definitely couldn’t be a new generation Taurus or any other standard 4-door Sedan… The design of the front seemed way too Sport oriented.  So at that time, I was convinced that it had to be a 4-door Mustang.

Imagine This Nose... Only A Lot More Aerodynamic and Lower to the ground.. That's What I Saw

Sure enough, I did some research, and back in 2007, Ford introduced a Concept Car at the Detroit Auto Show called the “The Interceptor” (pictured above) and the concept was basically a 4-door Ford Mustang.  They even said that if they managed to pull the Concept into production, it would happen around 2011.  Wow, that just so happens to be RIGHT THE FU@K NOW!!

So, this could quite possibly be the FIRST LOOK  at a brand new 4-door Ford Mustang, to enter into the realm against Dodge Challengers and the like.

Keep your eye out, and remember, you saw it here first on SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photo: SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photo: SunOfHollywood.com 

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