Lil’ Za Claims “The Devil Satan” Is Justin Bieber’s Bad Influence posted by on February 4, 2013

Seriously… What kinda Homey PR Is This ????

Some of my homeys from TMZ, and a few other dudes in the streets managed to catch up with Lil Za driving Justin Bieber’s infamous White Ferrari around Beverly Hills lookin like Steve Urkel’s Light skinded brova. Remember the White Ferrari that led to the passing of our good homey Chris Guerra ?? Yeah, that White Ferrari.

And peeps decided to ask Za about the whole claim that Justin’s been partying with Codeine Syrup bottles and Styrofoam cups laying around his personal space. Which of course is becoming a trend since those alleged Weed / Blunt smoking pics came out shortly after Chris’s untimely passing.

Then Za proceeds to throw a couple middle fingers up to TMZ, trying to replicate some of Tupac’s infamous moments. Sorry Za… But you will NEVER be Tupac. And Tupac would have NEVER Joked around about what you’re about to joke around about.

Because when Lil Za was asked who the Bad Influence was over Bieber… Za’s idiot ass remark is “The Devil… Satan”.

Now look. Za could be joking, or he could be sarcastically attempting to cover up the truth. Either which way. With all the Dark Forces in the Industry and those that have been going around the Canadian Adolescent Crooner, including the #Cutting4Bieber / #cuts4bieber Campaign… Which YOU KNOW DEMONS are Involved …

Dude should seriously think twice about joking around like that and I’m pretty sure Bieber’s REAL Camp is None-too-pleased. Especially considering the blatant Molech / Bohemian Grove Owl style tattoo on Bieber’s left forearm… all that Dummy Za is going to do is feed the Conspiracy Theorists online and the iLLuminati references to the Music / Entertainment Industry and its Pop Stars.

Game On Lil Za. We See How You Play. Now it’s Time You See How We Pray !!

Garry Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Garry Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Mall Cop Gets The Bullied Grandma Treatment After Taser / Attack Video Goes Viral posted by on February 4, 2013



Atlanta Mall Cop Darien Long must know what it is he has to deal with on a daily basis at his job and was smart enough to invest in a camera stationed to his vest in order to catch some of the unruly patrons he probably has to deal with.

But in this NSFW video filmed last May that’s just gone Viral in the last 3 days, we see exactly what situations Darien purchased this camera for.  He is seen being viciously verbally attacked by 2 mothers, who didn’t take kindly to Darien asking their kids to pipe down… prompting the 2 Mama Bears to kick in their Mama Bear instincts.  However, these women seemed to be looking to pick a fight, because they never let up on poor Mr. Long for a Long Time, getting in his face, cussing him out while he continuously requested they “Back Up”, even retreating back into the Atlanta Mall on Several occasions, and warning the moms and their kids to stay off the Private Property which they were no longer welcome.

Well of course that didn’t work… leaving Darien no choice but to give one of the crazy baby mama’s the Mama Bear Taser treatment after she repeatedly attacked and assaulted the Security Guard… Leading to even more threats by the Dad of one or some of the kids.

In a world where a lot of use of tasers becomes online controversy, it seems the public has no doubts about who was at fault here… leading to an online fundraising campaign that has now totalled well over $25,000 to assist Darien in purchasing “better or more” gear… a good call considering the wild families are looking for revenge.  Maybe Darien should just take the money and quit his job instead… Your Life and your Safety are more important.

Aaahhh… Moments like these almost restore your lost faith in humanity when you actually see the general public making the right decision, reminiscent of Karen Klein, the Bus Monitor Grandma who was bullied by kids.. only to receive over Half a Million Dollars last year in publicly gifted contributions after that video went viral.

I guess these days.. Revenge is a Dish best served on YouTube Uploads.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com