Smartphone Killed The Video Cam… “Flip” Line To Be Laid To Rest posted by on April 16, 2011

These "Flip" cams are lookin more like headstones now

Cisco made the announcement this week that they would be discontinuing their once popular line of “Flip” video cameras, the company they purchased in 2009 for $590 Million dollars.  The cut will cost a total of 550 jobs.

Flip cameras gained popularity in today’s voyeur age where ease of use and accessibility for camera use, as well as speed in upload has become a priority.  Unfortunately, it is these same characteristics that its consumers desired that led to its demise, as iPhone applications and video cameras built into phones have taken over the market.

Cameras are only good if you have them when you need them, and rather than carrying unnecessary equipment, incorporating HD video cameras into phones, along with apps that can edit and upload to YouTube straight from the cell phone, has caused the market to see some serious damage to their pocketbooks.

Cell phone cameras are also hurting the business of small pocket digital cameras, as higher quality cell phone cameras are now becoming a priority in cell phone design.

If the mp3 taught the CD anything… the best product is one you don’t have to carry with you, and cameras and video cameras in a cell phone which is most people’s daily required item, accomplished just that