Did Rihanna Get Caught Sniffin Blow On Her Tour Bus ??? Newly Leaked Video Seems To Think So posted by on April 14, 2015

They Say Keep Your Friends Close & Your Enemies Closer… Well According to Newly Surfaced Internet Video… Rihanna shouldn’t have listened to that catch phrase.

Newly Surfaced Internet video alleges to have caught Rihanna sniffing Cocaine on her Tour Bus. And clearly this video must’ve been filmed by someone who she knew well enough to let on this bus to begin with, unless of course it was some hoodrat strippers that she was trying to hook up with.. as internet rumors continue to perpetuate over the Illuminati Princess.

In the video, you may recognize the Forehead as Rihanna’s, as the girl holds what appears to be a rolled up bill of currency. As the cell phone video sneaks off “rihanna” (obviously in an attempt to stay covert), it then pans back to see “Rihanna” holding her nose.

Is this Rihanna doing Cocaine ? Who knows. Perhaps she was trying one of those fold up the dollar illuminati tricks that predicted the 9/11 attacks.

All we know is, video is going Viral… YouTube’s had it stuck at 301+ views for some time now.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow when more news of this video starts to spread

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Bolivia Plans To End Coca-Cola And Capitalism With The Mayan Calendar posted by on August 3, 2012

Bolivia Says Goodbye To Unhealthy Capitalism. The End Of Our World As We Know It

Guess 2012 isn’t a good year if you’re a soda manufacturer.

Earlier this year Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York decided to impose a ban on all soda / soft drinks over 16 oz.. and now it looks like Bolivia has decided to move a step further.

Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca said that December 21, 2012 – the day the Mayan lunar calendar enters a new cyclehas to be the end of Coca-Cola, the end of selfishness, of division.

The planets will line up after 26,000 years. It is the end of capitalism and the beginning of communitarianism,he said. And even though these were his exact words, sadly Bolivia is trying to give the PR spin right now, saying these words were taken out of context.

The minister encouraged the people of Bolivia to drink Mocochinche, a peach-flavored soft drink, as an alternative to Coca-Cola. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (I Love This Frickin Guy !!) followed suit, encouraging his country to ditch the American beverage for fruit juice produced in Venezuela.  There is also speculation that Bolivia wants to rid their nation of Coke so they can continue with selling coca leaves, one of the main ingredients in Coca-Cola, which accounts for 2% of their overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

This isn’t the only foreign opposition Coca-Cola is seeing.  The United Arab Emirates recently accused the #1 Soda Giant in the World of overpricing their 300ml cans and not including ingredients in Arabic, probably in fear of strict religious opposition of their ingredients.

Bolivia also recently saw their nation rid themselves of McDonald’s after the Giant Unhealthy Food Corporation was unable to turn a profit after what they concluded to be a “cultural boycott“.

I know the world loves McDonald’s, and I definitely love Ice Cold Coke in a Can… but we also know that both of these companies add to the poor health conditions of our obese and diseased nation.

I praise Bolivia for taking a step against the American Capitalism and Globalism that is destroying our world, our culture, and the health of our people in it.

I guess December 21st, 2012 we know for sure will be the end of the world… for Coca-Cola in Bolivia.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Lindsay Lohan Wants To Get Beat By Chris Brown… I Mean, Meet Chris Brown posted by on August 30, 2011

I Think Lindsay Lohan Has Taken Too Many Blows To The Head... And Is Begging For More

Lindsay Lohan looks like she may have done one too many pharmaceuticals this week !

After praising Chris Brown’s performance, which Jay-Z refused to recognize, Lindsay sent the following statement from her Twitter:


And it looks like she was thinking about Chris’s performance all night long, cause then she decided to ask him the following day, also via Twitter:

And Dumber

If Rihanna is Lindsay’s Idol, I think she should go about it a different way.  I don’t know about you, but Lindsay’s antics in the past few years have definitely begged the question as to whether or not the Trainwreck has a screw loose… And she’s proven it now that she wants to screw a loser.

Don’t get me wrong.  Chris Brown is in fact a very talented man.. in more ways than one.  But dude really needs to stop acting like a kid who was privileged and praised since a child who never learned how to mature into a man.

Until then, I kinda feel sorry for “LiLonely“.  She doesn’t know which gender to go for, she has no jobs, and she looks like she’s losing all her physical features to health deteriorating substances.  That with lawsuits against Pitbull for Freedom of Expression, it really looks like Lindsay has completely spiraled out of control.

While some new couples trade vows… These two can trade Rap sheets.  And I’m not talking about Lyrics.


Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Whitney Houston Is Like Southwest Airlines… Slippin Between The Cracks… All The Way To Rehab posted by on May 9, 2011

It be callin me man... It be callin me

Looks like someone other than Southwest Airlines has been slippin through the cracks

Sadly, our Legendary OG Diva, Whitney Houston, seen pictured above with Ray J. Norwood, has fallen off the Bobby Brown Bandwagon yet again.  It’s so sad to see what drugs has done to one of our greatest singers of all time, and we’ve always been rootin’ for Whitney’s well being to come back around, but lately, it seems the only thing that keeps coming back around is addiction.

Looks like Whitney's been Crackin' a whole lot more than just smiles

Whitney Houston checked herself into an outpatient rehab facility, that allows her to freely roam in public, so long as she is accompanied by a monitor.  She has been enrolled in the treatment program for the past 10 days, and reps for the singer have stated that she is fighting an ongoing battle with “drugs” and “booze“, and is trying to recover herself for an upcoming film role.

Ray... Ur friend needs a pick me up, without the "pickmeup"

Let’s just hope the upcoming film she’s trying to recover for is called “Real Life“… cause we’d hate to see Whitney’s life cut short for such a tragic and unnecessary reason.

Remember Whitney… We love you, we wanna see you better, and we don’t want you to end up like Chris Rock’s “Pookie” from “New Jack City


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Steven Tyler Is Livin’ The High Life As An American Idol Judge… But Refuses To Snort That J. Lo posted by on May 1, 2011

Admit it.. You want Marc Anthony out the picture

Hey, I’ll snort anything J. Lo any day foo, if you wanna forfeit your place in line, I’m right behind ya.

Steven Tyler has recently been quoted that his experience in front of the cameras, bright lights and millions of viewers as an American Idol Judge is one of the greatest natural highs he’s ever experienced.

While Steve has spent the majority of his life as lead singer for Aerosmith, he of course indulged in the many pharmaceutical pitfalls that most musicians find themselves in, landing himself in rehab a whopping EIGHT TIMES !!!!!

And in the times where he and the band forced themselves to sober up, he claimed they experienced music so much more powerfully, as their high was derived from the music, and no longer the drugs.

Well, Steve is trying to fool himself into thinking his natural sobriety tops his years of drug use once again, claiming the curtains and other minor elements of the show are just like drugs, but he said he “Doesn’t snort J. Lo”.

Hey, when you have years of habitual partying under your belt, you too will probably compare everything in life to a drug of some sort.

At least Steve recognizes his dangerous indulgences, and stated he’s lucky to be alive, and if left up to his own devices, would be dead several times over.

Photo Credit: WireImage/Christopher Polk


Could Kacey Jordan Be Pregnant… Again ??? posted by on April 27, 2011

"Kacey Jordan... You Know NOT The Father" (in Maury Povich voice)

Could Porn Star Kacey Jordan be pregnant yet again???

Kacey Jordan went from Porn Star to mainstream media fodder after it was found she was the woman of choice by Charlie Sheen during a 36 hour party binge that landed him in a Cedars-Sinai emergency room.

Shortly after the hurricane media storm, Kacey sent a text to Charlie Sheen claiming that she was pregnant, and was unsure if he was the father, as Kacey is not only a porn star who has unprotected sex with numerous men, but also does not use birth control.  She claimed she used protection when having sex with Charlie Sheen (which cost Charlie $30,000), but that they were both so intoxicated, it is possible they weren’t fully protected.. whatever that means.

Kacey then made her way to her home town in Oregon, where she was going to have the situation “taken care of”.

Well, she was recently asked by a Twitter follower if she was pregnant, due to some strange food cravings she was expressing.  Kacey wrote back to him that she was indeed 7 weeks pregnant, and is having an IUD (Intrauterine Device) implanted so as to prevent another unwanted pregnancy.  She also gave the unfortunate news that Kacey and her mother are no on the outs because of this.

Damn Kacey, I guess you made Mom a little less than proud with this one

Question is, if she had the abortion, so she said, about 8 weeks ago, how could she be 7 weeks pregnant?  There is no way that could have happened.  So one may even assume that she never had an abortion procedure done.

I guess only time will tell what truth will grow out of this.


Charlie Sheen Gets Dumped Via Text… By Someone Who Was Probably Never Loyal posted by on April 25, 2011

Somebody looks like they don't really want to be there

In the ongoing saga that is Charlie Sheen, the “Two And A Half Men” actor announced at his show last night in Ft. Lauderdale that former goddess Bree Olsen broke up with him via text message.

My thing is this… the fact that she broke up with him via text message is further proof that she was never really with him to begin with.  Girl was basically a girl for hire, dealing with whatever she had to in order to stick around, get paid, and keep her name in the limelight as much as she possibly can before she would fall back into the obscurity of the porn industry.

Have you visited Bree Olsen’s twitter?  First off, chick is mad nasty… and in the least, she at least talks like she’s super slutty and proud of it.  Furthermore, she recently tweeted how she had a lot to say, but couldn’t.  In other words, chick was on lockdown.  She knew if she said the wrong thing, her money probably wouldn’t come through for the week.

Well, clearly there is no true love there, and it’s probably better for both parties that they separate.  Charlie’s got enough on his hands dealing with Brooke Mueller’s antics in court.  He could use a little downtime from the female species, but I doubt that will ever happen

Lindsay Lohan Embarking On A 4-Month Training Program To Get A Full Gotti Workout posted by on April 22, 2011

You should've stuck with that as a necklace Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan went to the Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles today for the umpteenth time.  Her necklace incident got reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor but it was still a violation of her probation stemming from her first or 2nd or whatever DUI it was.

So now she’s being shipped off to the Lynwood County Jail for Women again, a place that Lindsay should be able to call home now, since she’s a regular visitor.

It’s really unfortunate that this should go down, because she just got the role in the new Gotti film, but all of that is now questionable. But who knows, maybe being in the klinker can give her a few more tips on what it’s like to be a genuine Gotti.

I’ll tell you this.  I remember back in 2007, when it was my old TMZ days, I witnessed Lindsay and her assistant at the time, Jazz, driving hella crazy around Malibu and on the Pacific Coast Highway.  Later that evening, I was told they were driving almost 140 mph trying to dodge the paparazzi.

Now mind you, I understand paparazzi / celebrity chases are no good.  But that doesn’t mean the celebrity should drive over 100 miles per hour just to avoid the photogs, cause they unfortunately will follow in a high speed pursuit, exponentially increasing such a dangerous activity.

I wrote in my shoot report with my footage that we should say something in the web post to warn her of how dangerous this type of activity on public roads would be to both herself and others.  TMZ being the non-insightful and non-prophetic people that they are, chose not to write my suggestion in the post.

The next evening was her 2007 DUI arrest after her high speed chase on PCH.

Waiting for Mug Shot #5


Paris Hilton Stays Mum About Clark County District Attorney David Schubert’s Cocaine Arrest posted by on April 10, 2011

Paris Hilton And Cy Waits Leaving Boa Steakhouse In Beverly Hills... Prepared For Anything, Even In Silence

Well, Whaddya Know?? Surprise, Surprise…

Paris Hilton and Cy Waits were seen leaving Boa Steakhouse last night, happy as ever, holding hands and smiling. You would be too if you had a New York Strip from Boa Steakhouse, which is why they attract numerous A-list celebs on a nightly basis.

But tonight, I decided to ask Paris what she thought about Clark County District Attorney David Schubert’s recent cocaine arrest. Schubert was of course the D.A. who prosecuted against both Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars in Las Vegas, Nevada’s Clark County District, for their Cocaine arrests in Las Vegas. Schubert was recently arrested for his own possession of the drug, and records indicate that he has actually been arrested several times before, prompting his termination / resignation, whichever came first.

But Paris looks to have learned a bit from her past and dealings with the media. She decided to stay silent. But if the giggles and smiles are any indicator… I’m sure she finds it to be a humorous twist of fate.

P.S. Peep game when she waves at the Sun

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