Well I’ll Be Damned… Do McDonald’s Minion’s Toys Say WTF !?!?? posted by on July 11, 2015

The Despicable Me Spinoff Film “Minions” is out this weekend and is looking like it will take the Top Box Office spot with an Estimated $120 Million.

But Videos Surfacing Online purporting to show McDonald’s Happy Meal Minion Toys using profanity is what’s getting all the attention this weekend.

The toys make sounds that are supposed to be the usual utterances of these characters… but videos of Parents complaining that the toy is actually saying “WTF” (not in abbreviations) is gaining millions of views as we speak.

If you listen to the toy when tapped, not only is there a sound very similar to “WTF” but if you ask me another also says “Well I’ll Be Damned”.

These words may not be clearly articulated, but in my honest opinion the intonation is definitely there.

Personally, I don’t trust Fast Food Companies or Film Companies, especially when it comes to Animation. We already know of all the Subliminal Messages Historically Seen in Animated Films.

And this is an Illumination Entertainment / Universal Pictures Film. Hhmmm…

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Why Charles Ramsey Is The Greatest Rescue Hero Of All Time !!! posted by on May 10, 2013

Even Muhammad Ali and Will Smith would Call Him The Greatest !!

In this Lost World we’re living in… and this Nauseating Entertainment Industry where we Worship Undeserving False Idols… One True Hero Has Emerged… CHARLES RAMSEY !!

A Man of True Expressions… Charles has become an Internet Sensation and a Global Phenomenon after Rescuing Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight from the home of Ariel Castro, where it is reported they were held Captive for 10 years.  The Rescue has led to 2 stories from this entire Ordeal… The girls finally being freed and rescued, and Charles Ramsey as the Dude who was at the Right Place… and the Right Time, and Destiny and History is Made.

The Interview that captured the Heart of the World was Ramsey’s Vivid Depiction of what happened when he first spotted Amanda Berry screaming for help from Castro’s Home… Complete with “Mack” Donalds as his Trusty Sidekick.  In that small 30 second interview, he gave probably the Greatest Rescue Quote of All Time

“I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a Black Man’s Arms…

Dead Giveaway… Dead Giveaway”

The Moment The World Stopped... And Charles Ramsey Began

And with that quote, just as they Aut0-Tuned Antoine Dodson to make “The Intruder Song“, iTunes saw the #1 Selling Download “Dead Giveaway” take the Nation by Storm.

But it didn’t stop there folks… He became a Meme due to his resemblance of “Sho Nuff” from “The Last Dragon“… but that comedy behind that resemblance is nothing compared to the Honor that is Charles Ramsey.  Cause he was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper the Day after, where he expressed his dismay that he never knew the girls were there for the entire year he lived next door… and how he wished he had.  When Anderson suggested “Reward Money“, Charles Said “Give That Money to the Victims… I have a job“.. then proceeds to bust out his paycheck as a local dishwasher.  These are words you would never hear from the mouths of anyone… Let alone a Dishwasher from Cleveland who resorts to McDonald’s for his daily sustenance.  Since he caught the attention of McDonald’s, even saluting the Hero via Twitter.. Let’s hope they try to make some healthier food for those that rely on them to satisfy their hunger when financially strapped in these Economic Times. Especially considering the only reason they were lucky enough to get Such Amazing PR is the fact that they target Lower Socio-Economic Classes.. and inevitably deteriorate their Health As Well.

FYI:  Wasn’t Bruce Lee once a Dishwasher ? Yeah.. that’s why they BOTH Kick Ass.

I personally loved when Charles said he realized their Captor was Sexually abusing them.. that had the Police not come, He himself would have been facing “Triple Life“.. meaning he would’ve beaten the Living Hell out of the Abuser, and his 2 brothers before they were released.

If you’ve heard his 9-1-1 Call.. You would probably consider him a hero just for cussin up a storm on probably The Biggest News Story of Our Year… A tragic Decade that actually has a “Happy” ending, for lack of a better word considering the circumstances.  Oh yeah, and the McDonald’s PR Campaign continued when he told the 9-1-1 Dispatcher “I was sittin here with my M(a)c(k) Donald’s Right … Eatin’ My Lil Food Right“.. “I’m Just Here With My M(a)c(k) Donalds“… or what about when he said “That’s Not My Address.. I’m Smarter Than That Brah

and “I Don’t Have a Fu@kin Clue Brah I just said I came From M(a)c(k) Donalds”

Then news surfaced of Charles’s own troubled past with Domestic Violence.  He said that his past is what taught him to be a good man today.  And being a good man today is exactly what he became… at the right place, at the right time… to put an end to 10 years of torture and torment to 3 women who had far too much taken from them.  His Past Means Nothing To Me.  Because of where he was placed that day, he didn’t just save 3 women.. He Saved the World. That within itself should be considered Adequate Atonement.

What Charles Ramsey’s Story has become is a story of Nobility, and Honor, in the most Unassuming of Places.. The most Unlikely of Characters.. well, at least in the Judgmental Eyes of a Narrow Minded America… and in an area that most would consider Impoverished.

The Bible says “Blessed are Those Who are Poor.. For They Are Rich In Spirit“.. and Right now, Charles Ramsey has proven himself to be one of the Richest Men Alive.  He has spoken from his heart, from News Journalists, to 9-1-1 Dispatchers, to Anderson Cooper, to all of our World.  His Heart is on his sleeve and he is only sugar coated by his honest and descriptive tongue, that gave us all a peak into what it was like, to discover and rescue 3 women who needed it most.

I am Thankful a Man like Charles Ramsey stumbled into our World’s View.  A Man Like Charles Ramsey could teach Our World and Everyone in it what Life is really about.

Our Celebrity Culture, and our Society as a Whole has been overtaken by Darkness and Immorality and we have Lost our Way.  The story of the Kidnappings alone should be proof of that.

But to know that a Man Like Charles Ramsey was Destined to Destroy a Dark Decade is Evidence that There IS IN FACT Light at the End of Every Tunnel.

We can only Pray for the Patience that we could one day see it.. just as Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight did when they saw Charles.

And just as we did when we saw Charles.  It’s not the Entertainment Factor.  It’s not the Hero Factor.  It’s not his “I’m Not A Hero.. I’m A Charistian.  I’m An American Speech“… but it’s EVERYTHING he is.  Even down to the nuances people tried to make fun of.

What He Has Become is Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen.

The Greatest Rescue Hero, in A Humble Human Being.


Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Bolivia Plans To End Coca-Cola And Capitalism With The Mayan Calendar posted by on August 3, 2012

Bolivia Says Goodbye To Unhealthy Capitalism. The End Of Our World As We Know It

Guess 2012 isn’t a good year if you’re a soda manufacturer.

Earlier this year Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York decided to impose a ban on all soda / soft drinks over 16 oz.. and now it looks like Bolivia has decided to move a step further.

Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca said that December 21, 2012 – the day the Mayan lunar calendar enters a new cyclehas to be the end of Coca-Cola, the end of selfishness, of division.

The planets will line up after 26,000 years. It is the end of capitalism and the beginning of communitarianism,he said. And even though these were his exact words, sadly Bolivia is trying to give the PR spin right now, saying these words were taken out of context.

The minister encouraged the people of Bolivia to drink Mocochinche, a peach-flavored soft drink, as an alternative to Coca-Cola. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (I Love This Frickin Guy !!) followed suit, encouraging his country to ditch the American beverage for fruit juice produced in Venezuela.  There is also speculation that Bolivia wants to rid their nation of Coke so they can continue with selling coca leaves, one of the main ingredients in Coca-Cola, which accounts for 2% of their overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

This isn’t the only foreign opposition Coca-Cola is seeing.  The United Arab Emirates recently accused the #1 Soda Giant in the World of overpricing their 300ml cans and not including ingredients in Arabic, probably in fear of strict religious opposition of their ingredients.

Bolivia also recently saw their nation rid themselves of McDonald’s after the Giant Unhealthy Food Corporation was unable to turn a profit after what they concluded to be a “cultural boycott“.

I know the world loves McDonald’s, and I definitely love Ice Cold Coke in a Can… but we also know that both of these companies add to the poor health conditions of our obese and diseased nation.

I praise Bolivia for taking a step against the American Capitalism and Globalism that is destroying our world, our culture, and the health of our people in it.

I guess December 21st, 2012 we know for sure will be the end of the world… for Coca-Cola in Bolivia.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo: SunOfHollywood.com


EXCLUSIVE PHOTO GALLERY: Sam Jones And The Shannon Twins Have A Royal Memorial posted by on May 31, 2011

Aint No Party Like A Sam And Twins Party Cause A Shannon Twins Party Don't Stop

Sam Jones just keeps cashin’ in on his “2-For-1 Shannon Twins Special“, as displayed by spending a Royal Memorial at “XIV” with the two Blonde Bombshell-alikes this past Sunday.

No... You're not seeing Double. But If You Did, There Would Be 4 Of Them... Which Is NOT A Bad Thing

These girls have been hittin up pool parties like mad with Black Hef, and they def had what looks like a Celebratory weekend.  XIV was mad crackin on Sunday too, as the Drai’s Pool Party crowd found their way around there come late afternoon.

Sam Says... "I'm Lovin' It"

The Trio were mad late though… I guess they had to make a stop at the McDonald’s Drive-Thru.  McDonald’s really aint on their speed game these days.

All Of "XIV" Pauses... And Takes A Deeeeeep Breath

Scott Storch even dropped by the party, in his Silver Ferrari.  Really XIV was looking more like a Beach than a Lounge spot, but we all know, the party didn’t get really krackin till Sam showed up with Karissa and Kristina.

Kristina Shows Karissa The New Trick She Learned With SunOfHollywood.com

Even In A Celebration Fit For A King… Few Can Dream Of These Two Queens

Yeah, you know you wish they were lookin at you the way they look at SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos: SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos: SunOfHollywood.com




Has This Ever Happened On Your Late Night Drive-Thru Run ??? posted by on April 14, 2011

Yeah,, That's one tough act to swallow

Let’s hope not.  Cause this definitely never happened to me before tonight !!

Ya know, lately I’ve tried to slow down on my late night drive-thru runs, knowing it can’t be healthy for you.

But of course, I always ignore my warnings for self-preservation, and decided to go for it anyway.  And I don’t know what’s worse… not getting the meal i was hoping for, or knowing i will never be able to look at those meals the same way ever again.

What makes that even more f@nked up, is the parking lot was completely empty, which means no employees either.  So everyone was like “Let’s get the eff outta here before the fumes get to us!!”… Then, let’s not mention the irony in them tryin to pub their new Turkey Burgers… like it’s the healthy alternative to cockroach !!

The sad part is, they were required to let their customers know what was up, with the full on Carl’s Jr. logo to show it was legit,like a company letter, in order to follow their required standards with informing the public.  The damn star still even got a smile in his face, like sh!t’s still cool… IT AINT COOL FOOL !! If i was the manager of that Carl’s, I’d make the star have a sad face, with tears cryin and sh!t, talking like “I let my people down!”

For now, unless I get an overwhelming amount of comments demanding I do otherwise, I will keep the location of this particular Carl’s Jr. under wraps for now.  But at least I know not to visit there anytime soon.

But to the defense of fast food restaurants, restaurants and any food service establishment… It is impossible to serve food for an extended period of time, without having something like a fumigation becoming a necessary part of operations.  There is just no way around preventing the infestation of pests 100%.  It is just a natural occurrence when it comes to large amounts of food stored in one place at all times.

Have you had any fast food horror stories you’d like to share?  If so.. throw it down below

Photo Credit: www.SunOfHollywood.com