Bolivia Plans To End Coca-Cola And Capitalism With The Mayan Calendar posted by on August 3, 2012

Bolivia Says Goodbye To Unhealthy Capitalism. The End Of Our World As We Know It

Guess 2012 isn’t a good year if you’re a soda manufacturer.

Earlier this year Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York decided to impose a ban on all soda / soft drinks over 16 oz.. and now it looks like Bolivia has decided to move a step further.

Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca said that December 21, 2012 – the day the Mayan lunar calendar enters a new cyclehas to be the end of Coca-Cola, the end of selfishness, of division.

The planets will line up after 26,000 years. It is the end of capitalism and the beginning of communitarianism,he said. And even though these were his exact words, sadly Bolivia is trying to give the PR spin right now, saying these words were taken out of context.

The minister encouraged the people of Bolivia to drink Mocochinche, a peach-flavored soft drink, as an alternative to Coca-Cola. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (I Love This Frickin Guy !!) followed suit, encouraging his country to ditch the American beverage for fruit juice produced in Venezuela.  There is also speculation that Bolivia wants to rid their nation of Coke so they can continue with selling coca leaves, one of the main ingredients in Coca-Cola, which accounts for 2% of their overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

This isn’t the only foreign opposition Coca-Cola is seeing.  The United Arab Emirates recently accused the #1 Soda Giant in the World of overpricing their 300ml cans and not including ingredients in Arabic, probably in fear of strict religious opposition of their ingredients.

Bolivia also recently saw their nation rid themselves of McDonald’s after the Giant Unhealthy Food Corporation was unable to turn a profit after what they concluded to be a “cultural boycott“.

I know the world loves McDonald’s, and I definitely love Ice Cold Coke in a Can… but we also know that both of these companies add to the poor health conditions of our obese and diseased nation.

I praise Bolivia for taking a step against the American Capitalism and Globalism that is destroying our world, our culture, and the health of our people in it.

I guess December 21st, 2012 we know for sure will be the end of the world… for Coca-Cola in Bolivia.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Kirstina Colonna Wants To Let You In On A Little Secret… That She Is Daaaamn Fine !!!! posted by on August 4, 2011

What's Her Secret ??? SunOfHollywood.com Is Intimately Written Across Her Heart

Lucky for all of us… Not everyone is into keeping everything a secret

Let me introduce you all to Kirstina Colonna.  She recently broke into the industry when she played the female version of Bieber, as the character “Justine Bieber” the huge YouTube Spoof on Bieber’s “Never Say Never” documentary, “The Bieber Movie: For Guys“… Bieber hairstyle and all.

A Little Smile To Light Up This Really Big World

Lingerie On A Rack Never Looked So Good

Even luckier for us, she left the Bieber wig at home this time, and showed us just how daaaamn fine she truly is.

She stopped by Millions Of Milkshakes at the Culver City Westfield Shopping Center for Shawn Marion’s launch, but then decided to get a little personal with us and carry us on a little journey while perusing through the realms of every man and woman’s favorite fantasy, Victoria’s Secret.  And while set in the mood of intimate apparel, she shared a few of her thoughts on recent controversies between Playboy’s Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris… And it sounds to us like Kirstina has no qualms about elderly men taking the Blue Pill.

I think I just forgot my name


And of course, yet another beauty secret of this Superstar on the Rise is her penchant for health conscious habits… like opting for a refreshing Jamba Juice on a Hot Summer Day… A day filled with her own hotness heating up the vicinity.

A Jamba Juice Smoothie In The Hands Of Kirstina Colonna... Refreshingly Hott !!

Oh, and the final beauty secret she shared with us… World Peace makes the World a Better Place… Proven by her Priceless Venezuelan, German, Italian and Native American Genetic Code, leaving an exotic flavor that Jamba Juice could never duplicate in a smoothie.

What Millions Of Men And Women Are Saying Right Now... "Please... Please Kirstina, Don't Leave Us !!!!"

So Thank you Kirstina, for making the world a better place… through World Peace…

Too bad she’s so damn hot that peace will forever be disturbed, from all the heads for her that turn.

Disclaimer: No Milkshakes Or Smoothies Were Harmed, Hurt, Or Melted In The Process Of This Super Hott Photo Shoot


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Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com