Apple Sues Samsung Over iPhone and iPad Similarities posted by on April 20, 2011

If you ask me, they look like twins

Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung claiming copyright, trademark and patent infringement from its Galaxy line of phones and tablets, claiming they are too similar to the design and operating system phone in Apple’s revolutionary iPhones and iPads.

Truth be told, there are definite similarities between the two phones.  I myself own a Samsung Galaxy S 4G which I indeed love, but without a doubt, everytime I pull the phone out, everyone asks, “Is that an iPhone?” noting the similarities, yet apparent differences.

There are loads of developments coming out right now between the two companies, as to who came out with the phone design first, and who came out with the chip designs first.  For sure this will be a fight to the finish.

But I also wonder what that will do with the impending merger between AT&T and T-Mobile, as AT&T is the first and main carrier for the iPhone before Verizon started carrying it earlier this year, and T-Mobile being the main carrier for the Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.  That’s like two moms that are best friends fighting over their kids.

The iPhone and Galaxy problems reminds me much of Apple and Windows, as Windows was made to emulate Apple’s user friendly operating system.  We never saw Apple try to sue Windows, although that’s a history that requires several posts on its own.

Let’s see which 12 figure company wins