It’s Official !! Lindsay’s Gotta Be A Gotti posted by on April 12, 2011

Lindsay and Victoria are the new Hugh and Marston... Clones Forrealz

It’s official.  Lindsay’s career was back on track in the realest way, and if you don’t agree, you’ll get your fu*kin heads cut off !!

Just moments ago, the entire Gotti family, John Travolta and Lindsay Lohan held a press conference at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers to announce the finalization of the cast for “Gotti: Three Generations”.  Man, this is turning out to be the most highlyanticipated film based on the casting alone!!

Like Father, Like Daughter... In Truth And On Film

Victoria Gotti and Lindsay posed together looking like they could be the next set of clones on the block.  And it’s clear Victoria chose Lindsay because that’s how she wants the younger version of herself to be remembered.  I would say the girls made a smart move though, gettin’ their hair did the same way just to show how right they are.

These guys showed Pauly D how it's done

And John and John, Gotti and Travolta, were also celebrating the announcement, along with John’s 3 sons, Frank, John Jr. And Carmine.. ya know, the original young Gotti Boys that taught a young Pauly D how to do his hair after watching doomed episodes of “Growing Up Gotti

Good to see Lindsay bounce back.  Maybe the whole necklace thing was just her doing research on what it’s like to be the daughter of a crime family.

Lilo Lands In LA… To Surpass Kim K. As A Gotti She Will Play posted by on April 8, 2011

Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian... Who's Got Gotti?

Lindsay Lohan was spotted returning to Los Angeles and was welcomed by a swarm of Paparazzi at LAX.  Lindsay is in town to audition for her role in the new “Superman” film, and will be heading back to New York to close out her deal as Victoria Gotti.

Perhaps “allegedly” stealing that necklace might’ve turned out better for Lindsay after all.  She’s up for the role in Superman, the Gotti film, and she’s also up for the role of Sharon Tate, although I don’t know if I would feel comfortable playing the most famed victim of the infamous cult leader Charles Manson, especially after she was already in the film “Chapter 27” with Jared Leto, the film that portrayed the life of Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon of the Beatles.

Lindsay supposedly beat out Sienna Miller and Blake Lively for the role and was handpicked by Victoria Gotti herself to be the favored recipient of the role, as Victoria is close friends with the Lohan clan and spends much time with them in Long Island.

While there are also rumors that Jersey Shore’s J. Woww was also up for the role, the one person I’m happy she is looking to beat out is none other than Kim K.

After the production team took the casting so seriously as to wine and dine John Travolta… why would you make such a fatal mistake of picking Kim Kardashian to be the daughter?  I don’t think the Gotti family would be portrayed correctly if Kim were to bring the infamous “Kardashian Monotone” to the scene.  And besides, if Kim’s acting is to be anywhere close to her dancing and singing….

We’re gonna have a problem here

Photos: WireImage / SunOfHollywood