Gangnam Style Is A $10 Million Dollar Hit posted by on December 6, 2012

Even If It Were A One-Hit Wonder... It'd Be An 8th Figure Wonder of the World

Psy’s Worldwide Mega-Hit “Gangnam Style” is looking to pull in close to $10 Million Dollars for 2012.

The various sources of Revenue created by the single shows how new avenues and streams of income can be created with the right demand, and take advantage of the digital age we are living in.  Ironically, it is the Digital Age itself that has struck the recording industry where it hurt the most… in Record Sales.

But Gangnam Style has become the Most Viewed and Most Liked Video in the entire history of YouTube… even beating out Prior Champ Justin Bieber.  And ad revenues from the video alone are projected to make about $1 Million Dollars.  The single has also been downloaded 3 Million times on iTunes at $1.29 a pop.  Psy and his team and companies will be keeping about $3 Million from those downloads.

And then there’s the licensing of the song for use on commercials and to represent products… such as Korean Electronics Giant Samsung, which has used Psy to push their new Fridges.

Heck, Gangnam Style is an Economy within itself… even bringing up the value of the share price for DI Corp, a company which makes equipment for semiconductor companies.. of which Psy’s family owns 30%.  The company saw its height at an 8-fold increase of its prior pricing, just as Gangnam Style was reaching its Worldwide Peak.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that this huuuuge success came about by the World’s Firsts Asian Music Artist to garner such Worldwide success and appeal.  You have to admit, nobody could have ever admitted, or predicted that a song would play on the Radio where 98% of its words are in Korean.

So Props to Psy for making noticeable waves in the Industry… Waves strong enough to turn the tides of the way it feels about Asian Artists

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com