Obama Strikes Back: To Shut The Hole Trump And His Wide Open Trap posted by on May 1, 2011

To me, this is startin’ to sound like an all out war. And it’s not just any war. It’s exactly the same type of war that creates tornadoes and hurricanes.

The two whirlwind forces pushing and pulling each other. It’s the perfect weapon. Watch what you are made to think.


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The MASTER deBATER fu@ks the Apprentice in Vegas
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Donald Trump Wastes No Time In Responding To Barack Obama Birth Certificate
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Trump... YOU'RE FIRED !
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This House Is Not Having A Party... Between Its Two Parties
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Donald Trump The MASTER deBATER Fu@ks In Vegas
Donald Trump Wastes No Time In Responding To Barack Obama Birth Certificate
White House Releases Certificate Of Live Birth For President Barack Obama To Confirm U.S. Citizenship
Could Our Current Budget Crisis Lead To A Government Shutdown By Friday????


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