$25 Million Dollar Bounty On Osama Bin Laden Has Been Withdrawn By The FBI posted by on May 3, 2011


I Guess taxpayers didn't have to pay $25 Million For this... No, we only paid $800 Billion Since March 20th, 2003

The United States Government has branded Osama Bin Laden with a red “Deceased” sign underneath his picture on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

This also means that nobody will be claiming the $25 Million Dollar Bounty that was offered up for any information leading to the arrest, capture and/or killing of Osama Bin Laden.  I’m sure of course their claim will be that the U.S. Government ordered the operation, and therefore there is nobody outside of the government that should receive the prize.

Come on now, you didn’t really expect the United States Government to give something back to the people now did you?  And in the end, the War In Iraq has only cost us nearly $1 Trillion Dollars since the war began on March 20th, 2003.

But what I’m surprised about, is that they didn’t hire a Jack Ruby to go ahead and take the title, and run off with the goods.


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