HOTZPOTZ: Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Are Searching For “Bridesmaids” posted by on May 16, 2011

When Wedding Bells Are On Your Mind... You Can't Help But Add Fuel To The Fire

The soon-to-be Newlyweds (are we allowed to call them that? a la Lachey-style?) went on a date night Sunday to the ArcLight Theaters at the Sherman Oaks Galleria and watched none other than “Bridesmaids” which stars Kristin Wiig as a Bridesmaid for her best friend’s wedding.  The film also stars Maya Rudolph and Kali Hawk.

Gotta hand it to Eric though… It must be love if he can sit through a movie like that for your bride-to-be.. Lord knows, I wouldn’t go watch it.


Photo: WireImage / Mazur 

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