Girls Gone Wild Founder Joe Francis Surrenders Himself To Police On False Imprisonment Warrant posted by on August 22, 2011

Joe Francis Seems To Like Being Confined In Small Places

Girls Gone Wild Founder Joe Francis surrendered himself to Los Angeles Police Pacific Division on Monday night, stemming from a False Imprisonment Warrant.

The warrant stems from a misdemeanor False Imprisonment charge and is expected to be booked and released on $50,000 Bail.

What makes that even more fu@ked up, is that this is just icing on the cake with a long list of problems for the Softcore Porn Producer, who has had multiple arrests in many states, run ins with the IRS, and continuing legal battles with Steve Wynn over a $2 Million Dollar gambling debt.

I guess being a purveyor of porn doesn’t return good karma.


Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com