The Sony Playstation Fraud Network Has Begun… 2.2 Million Credit Cards For Sale posted by on May 1, 2011

The Playstation Network is down.. But the new "Fraudstation" Network is up and running

Just a few days after Sony announced that their Playstation Network Database of customers may be susceptible to credit card fraud after Hackers dismantled their entire operations, as many as 2.2 Million Credit Card accounts and their related information are up for grabs on the black market.

In addition to this, many Playstation Network customers have been contacting Sony, to report fraudulent activity had been executed on their accounts, with transactions being made from purchasing airline tickets, to large purchases including flat screens and laptop computers.

We’re about to see a whole wave of activity from these Hackers, but guaranteed… they will be caught, and they will end up serving a whole lot more time than they had anticipated, making anything they did clearly not worth the risk.

2.2 Million counts of credit card fraud is not something you would want on your record, or to have to try and fight out in court.¬† You will never again see the light of day 

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