BREAKING NEWS: Joanna Krupa Gets Pulled Over For Altered States… And Gets The YB Free Treatment posted by on May 14, 2011

Time For This Fine Lady To Stay In California

Joanna Krupa was G-Spotted last night.  In other words, she was spotted by my boy G-Hollywood as she was getting pulled over by the LAPD last night in Hollywood near the intersection of Fairfax and Sunset Blvd.  Joanna was pulled over for having  Florida license plates and her registration on those plates were expired.  While she may not have sweated her freedom as much as YB did,  nobody likes getting pulled over by the blue and red lights or hearing those sirens.

Joanna was basically let go with a fix-it ticket.  She has to convert the registration for her vehicle over to the State of California and have her vehicle’s and its new registration inspected.  It’s fine by us that she decides to stay in Cali, as she should.

Interesting Fact: Florida is officially nicknamed “The Sunshine State“… but somehow, California has begun to usurp that title, likely due to Tupac’s 1996 hit, “California Love” in which Dr. Dre says

“We in the Sunshine State where that bomb a$$ hemp be

A State where you’ll never find a dance floor empty”

So now, it’s looking like Florida and California won’t still just be fighting over the nickname “The Sunshine State”, but they’re also going to be fighting over where Joanna Krupa decides to register her vehicle.  Let’s hope she makes the right decision.


Photo Credit: www.SunOfHollywood.com

UPDATE: *** Joanna just took to her Twitter page to detail the incident.  And the “Paparazzi” she’s referring to is G-Hollywood ***


G-Hollywood gets an "Honorable Mention"

*** Update *** :  Joanna Krupa was in fact pulled over for having an expired California registration, and her vehicle did NOT have Florida plates … But still, it’s fun to think that Florida and California would be fighting over Joanna… After all… Wouldn’t you?


Photo Credit: www.SunOfHollywood.com 

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