Would You DESTROY A BMW For Not Even The New iPhone ???? posted by on September 13, 2012

That’s What Some Really Really Dumb Guys Did Last Week… Giving Them Another Dose Of Instant Karma.

2 Dudes decided to drive a BMW through the Window Facade of an Apple Store last week, and stole a whole bunch of WORTHLESS iPhone 4’s and stuff, possibly an iPad or something… just a day after announcing the iPhone 5.

And since Driver Dude drove his car ALL THE WAY INTO the Store, the sturdy Apple Architectural Engineering prevented dumb ass Driver Dude from Driver Dudin his way outta there.  Essentially, dude got stuck and was completely unable to drive himself out.

Now, you would think that people would likely do this with a STOLEN Car and not their own.  However, it was the Driver’s OWN BMW X5.  Unfortunately for DumDums, the vehicle’s License Plate got stuck in the grating of the window.  The iPhone Snatcher couldn’t successfully Snatchback the iPad sized License Plate.  He was then apprehended by Judge “I Am The Law” Dredd (remake coming soon) in form of the Sheriffs that got there just fast enough for dude to not even get enough merchandise to be worth anything at all.

Not ANYTHING At All Worth Time in Prison.  And that’s Just What He Got cause Driver Dude is Currently being held on $600,000 Bail.  It’s like if you were gonna be that dumb and get caught anyway, at least wait until the iPhone 5 came out and gift yourself a few more weeks of Freedom.

They Usually Try To Say That Crime Don’t Pay

We Should All See Our Karma On The Same Damn Day

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com


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