Pippa’s In Paris.. Middleton Caught In Gun Scandal And May Be Subject To Criminal Investigation posted by on April 16, 2012

Pippas In Paris... Gettin All Thuggish Ruggish Bone On Em

Photos of Prince Williams’s sister-in-law, and sister to Kate, Pippa Middleton spread across the internet like wildfire today, showing the 28-year-old younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge laughing as a male companion in an Audi convertible pointed a gun at a paparazzi following them in Paris. The London newspaper The Sun reported that the Paris Judicial Police department was “poised” to launch a probe into the incident and that Middleton could face criminal charges, but the photographer involved in the incident told ABC News that he knew all along the gun was a fake and told others he never felt scared. French police told ABC News there is currently no investigation and that no one has filed any complaints.

Pippa rose to worldwide superstardom after showing up with the Emerald City for a dress at Prince Williams and Kate Middleton’s wedding last year.  Looks like the Royal Family will be None too happy with this family involvement.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

The Ecclestone Sisters Are Ready To Take Over Hollywood… And Pretty Much The World posted by on September 3, 2011

Video: WorldMonitorTV

Hilton Sisters… Kardashian Sisters… Simpson Sisters… Middleton Sisters…

They are all shuddering in Fear.

Cause Petra AndTamaraEcclestone are ready to take over Hollywood and pretty much the Entire World.  And guess what, they probably can.

And why wouldn’t anybody want to create a Reality Show based around These sisters, and show us what a True Hollywood Billionaire Lifestyle can be.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do understand, it’s all Daddy’s money anyway.  But Eff it.  Hollywood doesn’t produce many Billionaires.  To watch the Ecclestone Sisters Globe Trotting around the world, Formula 1 Style, is something that I think anybody would tune in for.

And She's Still Smillin. Cause She's Still A Billionheiress

And Daaamn They Fine !!  Petra and Tamara are starting to get seen at various Hotzpotz, like Boa and Robertson Boulevard, letting their presence be known in all their BillionHeiress Splendor.

As a matter of fact, when the Hilton sisters attended Petra’s wedding in Italy with the Black Eyed Peas and many others, I’m pretty sure they were saying to themselves “I feel really, really poor right now”

Yes “other” sisters.  Your Reality Sets can all be swallowed up with Ecclestone Pocket Change.  Be Afraid.  Be Very, Very Afraid.


Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Video: WorldMonitorTV

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Launches Sister Pippa And Her Derriere Into Superstardom posted by on May 1, 2011

Pippa... You dunn stole yo sisters shine. But hey, it aint your fault

Remember when Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married… And the whole world couldn’t stop talking about Princess Diana?  Well, that’s what happened at Friday’s Royal Wedding, only the talk of the world was not about Prince William or Kate Middleton, but her sister Pippa, and Pippa’s “perfect” derriere, as reports are putting it.

Pippa seems to have stolen the worldwide show, and her rear has even its own fan club on Facebook, which attracted more than 36,000 members in the first 24 hours, towering over the 33,000 people that “liked” Kate’s dress.

Pippa has also managed to not only turn her sister’s wedding into her own platform to Superstardom, but has also managed to drum up some huge PR and business for her family business “Party Pieces“, which deals in selling party paraphernalia.

Whatever the case, we didn’t just gain a Dutchess… we also gained a sister’s moneymaker, in more ways than one.

This seems to be the world's favorite angle


Royal Wedding Watched By Nearly 3 Billion People Around The World posted by on April 29, 2011

This kiss might be viewed by half the world.. Let's make it good

Early estimates show that today’s Royal Wedding for Prince William and Kate Middleton may have been viewed as many as 3 Billion people around the world.  This shows the advancement in mass media technologies as the wedding for Prince Charles and Princess Diana, nearly 30 years ago on July 29th, 1981 was viewed by 750 Million, showing today’s wedding to be viewed by 4 times as many people.

That's a whole lotta beer drinkers right there

There was an estimated 20 million people who viewed the wedding in the United Kingdom, and it is said that about 400 Million people viewed the wedding around the world via the world wide web.  That’s huge and more than the population of the entire United States.

And being that the wedding was viewed by nearly 1 out of every 2 people in this world, their first kiss may have been the most viewed kiss in world history.

Now that’s what I call a real riot.


Prince William And Kate Middleton To Marry On Anniversary Of The Rodney King Riots posted by on April 25, 2011

If you two can eat KFC... You should respect April 29th

Not forrealz… Them is just look-alikes.

But hey, maybe the fake Prince William and the fake Kate Middleton ought to let the real couple know that they’re about to get married this Friday… on the 19th Anniversary of the L.A. Rodney King Riots.

I understand they’re Brits, and probably don’t realize the date they chose… But would you want to get married on such a date that is forever solidified as one of the most historic moments of Civil Unrest in America?

I know I wouldn’t.  I’d be afraid our marriage would burn.

Coincidence? Yes or No?

I will share with you a verse from one of my songs, “Our Own Home“, detailing the Rodney King Riots, and you tell me if you would want your wedding on this day:

’92 April 29th, More power to the people

Exit out the front door to a world less equal.. It needs

No introduction as the odors of a burning land

has got my legs shakin’, now they feeble

But now we know no evil, forget the hearin’, speakin’ or sayin’

Even Vigilante store owners got their Tech’s sprayin’

Pandemonium. Mobbin’ mentalists versus Right Wing Fundamentalists

The top two on the rival street credential list

They make a pact of unity, for gettin’ back community

No man is safe, not even with Diplomatic Immunity

Who could it be? Oppressed over Oppressor

No man will ever willingly say, “Yes Sir” forever

Revolutionary, Gettin’ Scary, Any Means Necessary

Repercussions, Narrow Minds, Committin’ Hari Kari

The City of the Angels got the Devils Comin’ Out

Executive declares the air a new Apocalypse now

“Our Own Home”

- Prophecy

Priciest Wedding In History At 34 Million Dollars !! Prince Williams And Kate Middleton posted by on April 25, 2011

They're clapping for extravagance

$34 Million for what will be the wedding of the Millennium, thus far, and definitely the most extravagant wedding since his parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles wed.

100 Million pints of beer huh?  There’s gonna be mad drunk folks at that party.

Safe to say the whole world will be watching on April 29th.  I have more to say about the date later today.