Steven Tyler Is Livin’ The High Life As An American Idol Judge… But Refuses To Snort That J. Lo posted by on May 1, 2011

Admit it.. You want Marc Anthony out the picture

Hey, I’ll snort anything J. Lo any day foo, if you wanna forfeit your place in line, I’m right behind ya.

Steven Tyler has recently been quoted that his experience in front of the cameras, bright lights and millions of viewers as an American Idol Judge is one of the greatest natural highs he’s ever experienced.

While Steve has spent the majority of his life as lead singer for Aerosmith, he of course indulged in the many pharmaceutical pitfalls that most musicians find themselves in, landing himself in rehab a whopping EIGHT TIMES !!!!!

And in the times where he and the band forced themselves to sober up, he claimed they experienced music so much more powerfully, as their high was derived from the music, and no longer the drugs.

Well, Steve is trying to fool himself into thinking his natural sobriety tops his years of drug use once again, claiming the curtains and other minor elements of the show are just like drugs, but he said he “Doesn’t snort J. Lo”.

Hey, when you have years of habitual partying under your belt, you too will probably compare everything in life to a drug of some sort.

At least Steve recognizes his dangerous indulgences, and stated he’s lucky to be alive, and if left up to his own devices, would be dead several times over.

Photo Credit: WireImage/Christopher Polk


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