Michael J. Fox Gets Mad Props From Proph… Visits Empire State Building To Raise Awareness posted by on April 8, 2011


Michael J. Fox and daugher Esme bring meaning to their lives, and to the lives of others

While many may have forgotten about him since he has had to remove himself from the work of the industry, to me, Michael J. Fox is a public figure who is an incredible hero of our time.

First off, I would have to say that the “Back To The Future” Trilogy has to be in the Top 5 of Trilogy’s, if not the top trilogy behind “Star Wars” (the first three from the 70’s and 80’s).  While “The Matrix” Trilogy had the potential to be 2nd to Star Wars, the disappointing failures of “Reloaded” and “Revolutions” made them lose their place in line.  Ya know, parts 2 and 3 were so bad, they made the original “Matrix” less memorable than it was.


Michael J. Fox is a Legend in his own right. It's no wonder he still draws the crowds and media

The Back To The Future Trilogy was so well written and so well executed, that there will never be another like it in history.  And the best part of the films, is Michael J. Fox.  Michael has been one of the few people in the industry where he stayed an all around genuine and good guy, so much so, that you can see it in his soul and in his eyes when he was even performing.

Michael J. Fox stands alone as a leader and a fighter for those who need one

So needless to say, i too was very heartbroken when Michael was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease in 1991, and had to bow out from the industry.  It is sad and tragic that his career was cut short due to this circumstance, when he clearly had so much more to give.  But the heroic part of it all, is that Michael never let that break his stride.  He continued to be a great husband to his wife Tracy Pollan and father to his four children, and decided to be a patriarch and a pioneer in the fight against Parkinsons.  He has continued to do all he can to raise awareness, money for research, and to try and find a cure for the disease that has tried to take his joy.


Michael J. Fox and Esme Fox are a father and daughter team willing to improve the lives of this world together

Here he is seen with his daughter, Esme, at the Empire State Building in New York City.  Michael lit the building Orange and White to raise awareness for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research today, and it looks like Michael never let Parkinsons stop his stride

We love you Michael, we salute you, and we will always remember the man you’ve been, and the man you remain.

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Nicki Minaj Is Hip-Hop’s Lady Gaga… With A Padded Booty posted by on April 8, 2011


While Nicki Minaj may be pubbing Casio's New TRYX digital camera at Best Buy, her best buy seems to be that padded booty

It is clear to me that Nicki Minaj has decided to take lessons from the Lady Gaga “How To” manual when it comes to how she approaches her fame… Wild and crazy colorful outfits, outrageous hair, and outlandish facial expressions definitely give Nicki Minaj the Gaga feel and appeal.

Lady Gaga recently said in an interview that she has “mastered the art of fame”, and noted that her outlandish antics, such as the raw meat dress, is a strategic tactic to keep people’s minds focused on what she wants them to, rather than her personal life.

And when it comes to the game, the two are basically exact counterparts, as their both at the top of their game.  Now while Lady Gaga totally outsells Nicki Minaj, the truth is there are no other female Hip-Hop artists really doin’ it right now, and truth be told, there rarely is more than one female running Hip-Hop at a time, if even that much.

At best, we had Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown in the same era.  But now, Nicki stands alone.  Even with Kim’s attempts to combat Nicki’s copycat style, Nicki still stands alone.

So enjoy it while you can Nicki, cause one of these days, you’ll be just like Lil’ Kim, and sitting on your fata$$ with silicone pads watching the newer, younger, better version of you do what you once did.

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LeBron James’s Big Soccer Team Purchase Overshadowed By Even More Crazy Mama Drama posted by on April 8, 2011

“What’dyu Say About My Momma ?!?!”… “I Don’t Want Any Twubble Just Get Out !!” – Opening Scene, Menace II Society



I guess you can never have it all can you?

News broke late Wednesday night of LeBron James making an extreme power move.  By partnering his own marketing and  management firm, LRMR, with Fenway Sports Management (FSM).  This would put LeBron at an elite position at just 26 years old.  By partnering with FSM, he would now have an ownership in Liverpool Football Club, as that is one of the clubs in the FSM portfolio.  FSM purchased Liverpool F.C. for $488 Million.

The goal is to expand LeBron James’s global presence, and FSM also believes that by partnering with Lebron, doors and opportunities would open for both parties in a very powerful way through expansion of their global brands.

But no sooner than 12 HOURS LATER !!!!

News breaks all over the world of his mother, Gloria Marie James getting arrested for the 2nd time !!!  So much so that people don’t even know that poor rich LeBron just got in on the Liverpool gang.

Gloria was arrested at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami, where the Heat lost to the Milwaukee Bucks.

After a long night of partying at LIV Nightclub, it is reported that Gloria got angry at a Valet attendant as she was trying to leave.  Eyewitnesses corroborated with the claim that Gloria slapped Sorrell Rockefeller, and that she smelled of alcohol and appeared to be very intoxicated.

Now this has to be rough for LeBron, but let’s face it, this is like the umpteenth time in a long string of hits from Gloria Marie James.  Let us never forget that they couldn’t wait a few months to show off that Champagne Hummer in the middle of bumf#k Akron, Ohio, shinin all pretty in the snow.

Or the fact that Gloria was supposedly, possibly “dating”, if ya know what i mean, Delonte West, LeBron’s former colleage at the Cavs.  Then there’s of course the DUI in 2006, which was her first arrest, and now we have this.

Well hey, at least ya got that Liverpool / FSM deal to balance it all out.  I guess Momma was just a little too happy and proud last night, and who can really blame her.  LeBron is ballin outta control, both on and off the court.

I mighta got drunk and smacked up a few dudes too if I was his mama.  Straight up !!  I’d be like, bow down !!

My son is LeBron!!

Kim And Kourtney Kardashian May Have Round A$$ets… But They’ve Got A Flat Tire posted by on April 8, 2011

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were filming one of their multitudes of family based reality shows in West Hollywood on Thursday in a huge Baja style monster truck. While the two sisters were shopping around, one of the paps noticed a flat tire, letting the two know that there may have been a nail stuck in it.

So the reality show crew, and the 45 other folks with cameras followed them over to Just Tires to handle the biz. Then some idiot suggests “Fix-a-Flat”… Are you frickin kidding me dude? Do you see how huge that truck is? And you wanna use fix-a-flat?


Exclusive: Does Josh Harraway Have What It Takes To Be 2Pac2 ?? Joslyn James Seems To Think So posted by on April 8, 2011

Out On Bail, Fresh Outta Jail, California Dreamin' / Soon As I Step On The Scene, I'm Hearin Joslyn Screamin'

Let me introduce y’all to my boy Josh Harraway.  In case you didn’t catch him last night on TMZ TV, he’s the world’s first Tupac Impersonator, and he’s definitely got the genetic makeup to challenge any mothaphu**a on the streets (sorry, that was the Pac in me).

Josh is up for the role to portray Tupac Shakur in the upcoming Biopic on his life, directed by Antoine Fuqua and produced by Morgan Creek Productions.  They’ve been basically searching all corners of the globe to find a guy to play the Legend that defied the laws of life and death.  And while no man or lyricist could ever accurately duplicate Pac’s lyrical prowess… There’s no doubt that my boy Josh should be Top Contender Numero Uno when it comes to 2Pac.

And if the ever looming presence of Joslyn James is any indicator (I like to call the two “Joshlyn“), Josh is a shoe in for the role… Cause if chicks are diggin Josh like they used to dig Pac, then he’s def got the persona down packed.  It’s no wonder she dropped that Tiger foo to be with 2Pac2!

Check out more of Josh Harraway as 2Pac2 at www.TupacImpersonator.com

Exclusive Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

Exclusive Photos : www.SunOfHollywood.com

Lilo Lands In LA… To Surpass Kim K. As A Gotti She Will Play posted by on April 8, 2011

Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian... Who's Got Gotti?

Lindsay Lohan was spotted returning to Los Angeles and was welcomed by a swarm of Paparazzi at LAX.  Lindsay is in town to audition for her role in the new “Superman” film, and will be heading back to New York to close out her deal as Victoria Gotti.

Perhaps “allegedly” stealing that necklace might’ve turned out better for Lindsay after all.  She’s up for the role in Superman, the Gotti film, and she’s also up for the role of Sharon Tate, although I don’t know if I would feel comfortable playing the most famed victim of the infamous cult leader Charles Manson, especially after she was already in the film “Chapter 27” with Jared Leto, the film that portrayed the life of Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon of the Beatles.

Lindsay supposedly beat out Sienna Miller and Blake Lively for the role and was handpicked by Victoria Gotti herself to be the favored recipient of the role, as Victoria is close friends with the Lohan clan and spends much time with them in Long Island.

While there are also rumors that Jersey Shore’s J. Woww was also up for the role, the one person I’m happy she is looking to beat out is none other than Kim K.

After the production team took the casting so seriously as to wine and dine John Travolta… why would you make such a fatal mistake of picking Kim Kardashian to be the daughter?  I don’t think the Gotti family would be portrayed correctly if Kim were to bring the infamous “Kardashian Monotone” to the scene.  And besides, if Kim’s acting is to be anywhere close to her dancing and singing….

We’re gonna have a problem here

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