Exclusive Photos: Dancing Stars Are NOT Afraid Of Radioactive Sushi posted by on April 16, 2011

Now that's what I call a "Lucky Man Sandwich"... Jamie Belman in between Petra Nemcova and Kim Lee

Despite hazardous occurrences across the globe, the stars of “Dancing With The Stars” showed the world that their toned and fit bodies can handle anything… “NUCLEAR SHMUCLEAR !!”

So they all decided to dine at Katsuya in Hollywood for their after-party this week after taping their show.  The party was hosted by team Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin and my, they def look festive.  And as of right now, no stars were harmed by the fish while filming this event.  Guests at their party included Francia Raisa from “The Secret Of The American Teenager”, Actress / Model Kim Lee, Kym Johnson, Hines Ward, and Chris Jericho and his wife Jessica.

Poor Petra... But that's one lucky ankle !! You can walk all over me any day !

Now that's what I call a Handful !

Work it Kym !!

The Secret Life of Francia Raisa... She's not afraid of Radioactive Sushi

Even when she's goofin', she makes everyone wanna pucker up... Even herself

I love it when we talk so closely... Just don't let my wife or your fiance know !!

Hold up foo !! I'm not ready yet.. I got radioactive sushi in my mouf !! Do you mind???


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com



Exclusive Photos : www.SunOfHollywood.com

“Can You Hear Me Now? Good… You’re Fired !!” posted by on April 16, 2011

You can't hear sh!t now homay

After 9 long years of the most annoying catch phrase sales slogan in corporate history… Verizon has decided to finally cut ties with their Verizon Man, played by actor Paul Marcarelli.

Paul made a small fortune acting as Verizon’s “spokesperson” to represent their clarity and coverage.  He was contractually obligated to perform in 20-40 commercials per year, and he was paid up to $6,000 per commercial, which is actually a really low amount when you consider any nationally televised commercial.  I guess the tradeoff was his steady work, which also included paid appearances.

Paul said the work did not come without a price.  Paul, who is openly gay, would have young people drive by his home in the middle of the night yelling out “Can you hear me now fa@@ot !”.

Needless to say, he, and the rest of the world will be all happy to finally put “Can You Hear Me Now?” to silence.

Hotzpotz: David Beckham And His Balls Are Not Afraid Of Radioactive Sushi posted by on April 16, 2011

These boys have balls

hotzpotz: David Beckham and two of his sons had sushi for dinner on Friday Night, despite hazardous occurrences across the globe. The three Beckham boys were spotted having dinner at Matsuhisa on Friday night, located in Los Angeles’s Restaurant Row. Victoria Beckham was noticeably absent, as most pregnant women are unable to eat sushi.

This sushi restaurant is also quite frequented by Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson and Christina Aguilera.  Hmmm… Sounds like all three girls like fish.

Photo Credit : Wire Image / Noel Vasquez

Hotzpotz: Brangelina Go From Theater To Theatre posted by on April 16, 2011

These two are a theatrical pair

Hotzpotz: After Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were caught catching a flick at Arclight Theater this week, the two were spotted just a few days later at the Ahmanson Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, where they caught the opening night of “God Of Carnage”.

It’s nice to see these two starting to do the couple thing again.  It must be tough for them with the little village they have, but I’m sure now that the kiddies are older, it’s a bit easier for them to break away from the house and be like a normal couple, and not the #1 Super Couple they are

Photo Credit : WireImage / Ryan Miller

2 U.S. Troops Killed By “Hellfire” posted by on April 16, 2011

This is not the kind of thing you want shooting haphazard missiles.... named "Hellfire"

In what appeared to be the first case of U.S. troops being hit by “friendly fire” from a drone aircraft, two U.S. Soldiers were killed by a “Hellfire” missile after apparently being mistaken for insurgents moving to attack another group of Marines in southern Afghanistan.

A Predator drone fired the missile that killed a Marine and a Navy medic in Helmand province last week, according to two Pentagon officials.

With a story like this, you have to ask yourself and wonder why our U.S. Military is creating weapons with the name “Hellfire”

Lady Gaga Fan’s Curiosity Killed A Cat posted by on April 16, 2011

That's why they never sang "I Wanna Be Like... Lady Gaga"

Here’s a situation where idolizing your favorite star becomes a problem… Especially when that star is Lady Gaga

A 20 year old resident of Oklahoma, Angelina Barnes, wanted to be just like Lady Gaga, and decided to kill a cat in order to wear a special outfit to attend her concert.  According to Sheriff’s reports, Barnes drowned the Tabby, mutilated its eyes, sliced it from the belly up, stored its liver in a make-up case and wore its blood to the concert with her.

She was later taken to a hospital where she threatened a male nurse with broken glass.  Her family noted some strange behavior, such as duct taping the light switches so as to keep the lights in her room off and her room dark.

Barnes is currently being treated at Griffin Memorial Hospital – a psychiatric center in Norman, Oklahoma.

If you don’t know about the true nature of Lady Gaga’s lyrics and videos, I suggest you do some research.  She clearly has many dark and subliminal messages buried throughout her entire catalog of audios and visuals, and it is of no surprise that an incident like this would occur.  Especially after her bloody performance on MTV’s VMA’s in 2009, and her raw meat dress worn at the same show in 2010.

Entertainment Exec Sues Match.Com After Alleging Sexual Assault From Member Met Online posted by on April 16, 2011

Matchmakers carry a lot more liabilities these days

A California woman, who chooses to remain anonymous other than revealing she is an Executive in the Entertainment Industry, is suing Match.com after she claims she was sexually assaulted by a man she met online.  She is now suing the company and demanding they create a stronger screening process to prevent such events from occurring again.

The woman claims she met Alan Wurtzel online on Match.com, who has been previously convicted six separate times for sexual battery.  The two met at Urth Cafe, a popular restaurant in West Hollywood on Melrose blvd, and she said he seemed charming and from a good and prominent family.

But peril began after a second date, in which the woman claims Wurtzel followed her home, and sexually assaulted her in her own home.  Wurtzel claims the sex was consensual and has plead not guilty on 2 felony charges against him stemming from the incident.  His trial begins April 26th.

Attorney for Robert Platt had this to say about the incident:

“We don’t have their Social Security numbers. It would create so many problems by trying to get background information on all these people,”

A statement like that reminds me a lot of what Southwest Airlines had to say about pushing off routine government mandated inspections on their plane.  They said it would cause a “significant burden” to adhere to those standards.

I guess we’re starting to see what the minds of our Corporations are really concerned with, and it definitely isn’t the people who spend money in their direction.

Web Searches On Bi-Polar Disorder Skyrocket After Catherine Zeta-Jones Discovery posted by on April 16, 2011

We wish you and your family the best and a strong recovery

Web searches across all engines showed huge spikes in searches relating to Bi-Polar Disorder after an announcement was made this week that actress Catherine Zeta-Jones was seeking treatment from a facility in Connecticut.

After seeing the trials her family had to endure with husband Michael Douglas in his fight against Cancer, reports have said that Catherine battled her own fights with depression and an overall troubled mind, possibly diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder.

Subjects pertaining to Bi-Polar Disorder, and searches on Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas were in the Top 10 for searches nationwide.

I guess the news was a shock to us all.

Photo : Wire Image

US Postal Service Throws Las Vegas Liberty Into The National Spotlight posted by on April 16, 2011

Lady Liberty? Or Lady Luck? ... This Face From Las Vegas Leaves The Post Office Stuck

The Statue of Liberty stamp issued by the U.S. Postal Service turns out to be slightly flawed… It’s not an image of the actual Statue of Liberty in New York, but rather of the Statue of Liberty replica, from the “New York New York” Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The photograph was apparently chosen from a photography service, and even though the statue featured is not the real thing, Roy Betts, spokesperson for the USPS said they love the stamp’s design and would have chosen that photograph anyway (likely excuse).  They are now looking to make sure the same mistake doesn’t happen in the future.

I guess Lady Liberty just got booted in a popularity contest by her newer, younger, better replica… Lady Luck

Smartphone Killed The Video Cam… “Flip” Line To Be Laid To Rest posted by on April 16, 2011

These "Flip" cams are lookin more like headstones now

Cisco made the announcement this week that they would be discontinuing their once popular line of “Flip” video cameras, the company they purchased in 2009 for $590 Million dollars.  The cut will cost a total of 550 jobs.

Flip cameras gained popularity in today’s voyeur age where ease of use and accessibility for camera use, as well as speed in upload has become a priority.  Unfortunately, it is these same characteristics that its consumers desired that led to its demise, as iPhone applications and video cameras built into phones have taken over the market.

Cameras are only good if you have them when you need them, and rather than carrying unnecessary equipment, incorporating HD video cameras into phones, along with apps that can edit and upload to YouTube straight from the cell phone, has caused the market to see some serious damage to their pocketbooks.

Cell phone cameras are also hurting the business of small pocket digital cameras, as higher quality cell phone cameras are now becoming a priority in cell phone design.

If the mp3 taught the CD anything… the best product is one you don’t have to carry with you, and cameras and video cameras in a cell phone which is most people’s daily required item, accomplished just that