EXCLUSIVE: Lane Garrison Partakes In His Prison Break… Away From The Big House And To The House Of Pancakes posted by on April 5, 2011


EXCLUSIVE: Lane Garrison Is All Smiles Over A Stack Of Pancakes... Learn To Appreciate The Little Things In Life


I caught up with Lane Garrison today outside of the International House Of Pancakes on Wilshire in the Miracle Mile District.  The “Prison Break” star had his own run in with the law and prison as a result of a drunk driving accident in which one of his teenage passengers lost his life.

The incident landed Lane in jail for 22 months, which he was released in April of 2009, and is still finishing out his 4 years of parole.  We spoke with him about his time in prison, and he said he feels blessed and lucky to have made it out alive.  When I asked him if he felt filming Prison Break could have prepared him in any way for what real prison had in store for him, he said no way, and gave comparisons between real life prison, and the prison set he worked on.  He also revealed that he will soon be doing work on NBC’s hit show, “The Event”.

Stay tuned to www.SunOfHollywood.com , we’ll soon be posting video of our talk with Lane Garrison.

Click here for a photo gallery of a pancake stuffed Lane Garrison enjoying his second chance at life.


Amanda Bynes Loses Her Little Angel… Tweets A Final Goodbye posted by on April 5, 2011

Little Angel is too adorable to not be deeply missed

Amanda Bynes took to her twitter yesterday to try and find her little Angel, a 4 month old teacup Pomeranian she has avidly been posting twitpics of.  She tweeted that Angel somehow got out of the house, and she was desperately trying to find her, and hoping that any twitter followers that may have seen her would contact her immediately through twitter.  Sadly, Amanda just tweeted the following message…


The sad news that Amanda shared with the world

We are truly saddened to hear about your loss Amanda, and we pray you keep your head up and stay strong.

We know you will never forget your time with Little Angel… All Angels go to Heaven



Keep Ya Head Up

“I’ve Never Had A Knack For Saying Final Goodbyes

If I Arrested Time, I’d Press Rewind, Twist It Counter Clockwise”

-  “This Far” by Prophecy

Who Discovered That DWTS Star Chelsea Kane Was Dating L.C.’s Ex, Stephen Colletti? Not Who You Think posted by on April 5, 2011

Let it be known... Sun Of Hollywood is the one makin all the moves

Yeah, so who discovered that Chelsea Kane was dating Lauren Conrad’s ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti?

It wasn’t Radar’s bitcha$$, and it sure as heck wasn’t all those blogs that have been citing Radar.


Yes, it was yours truly, yer boy… Prophecy, The Sun Of Hollywood

Yeah I saw them kissin and sh*t… And what???

Huggin and all that jazz, wassup foo ?!!

So while the rest of the world is fakin’ the funk, pretendin they know what’s goin on…
without yer boy, they still wouldn’t know a Gottdamn thang.

I’m high in low places, and on the low in high places

Feel me?

Kurt Cobain: 17 Years Later And A Life Lost In Vain posted by on April 5, 2011

Today marks the 17 year anniversary of when Rock Legend Kurt Donald Cobain tragically took his own life after years of battling Heroine addiction. This was a tragic ending to a life that held so much promise, as he was only 27 years old at the time of his death. Kurt formed the band Nirvana in 1986 after a tumultuous childhood, with his parents divorcing at a young age, and being bullied in high school by jocks who called him “queer”.

Nirvana recorded their debut album, Bleach, under the independent label Sub-Pop Records, before signing to Geffen Records in 1991, which released Nirvana’s landmark album, Nevermind.

Kurt married Courtney Love in 1992, who gave birth to their daughter Francis Bean Cobain in August of that year. in the same year, the group released the album Incesticide, and the following album, In Utero was released in 1993.

On March 4th, 1994, Kurt was taken to a hospital in an apparent suicide attempt that was declared an accident. Courtney Love and other family members begged for the legendary rocker to seek rehab, but their attempts were futile as his body was discovered on April 8th, 1994 in his Seattle home. A shotgun was found in his arms, and the firearm had fired into his head. He left a note written in red ink to his wife Courtney and daughter Francis. The last words of the letter were “I love you, I love you”.

In the years since his passing, Kurt is remembered as one of the greatest musicians in modern rock, with Nirvana considered one of the top rock albums of all time, and their greatest hit, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is still considered the greatest song of modern rock to this day. Sadly, Kurt will always be remembered and missed, and as it seems, Courtney’s love has continued to seem lost without him. She has suffered many years of continued drug addiction, stints in and out of rehab, and many life mishaps that have continued to make her fodder for tabloids. Let’s hope Courtney continues to stay strong, and keep the memory of Kurt’s life even stronger

Courtney Love has lived a life longing for the lost love of her life... Kurt Cobain

Photo: WireImage

Will And Jaden Smith To Reunite As Father And Son posted by on April 5, 2011

Will and Jaden Smith... Father And Son On And Off Camera

Wait… I never knew they separated. Aren’t they already Father and Son?

On film stupid !!   ;)

Yes, that’s right.  Will and Jaden Smith are set to star as father and son again in a film directed by M. Night Shyamalan.  This will be the first time the father and son superstar duo will star in a film together again since 2006 for “The Pursuit of Happyness”, where the two also played father and son in Jaden’s film debut.  What’s really interesting is that in Happyness, the two carried their real life surname “Smith” into the film, and in this film, Will keeps his first name, Will, as Jaden’s father in the movie.  Funny, cause I was just talking about how much I think Jaden and Willow are amazing kids and I wish Will and Jada had a dozen more.

The movie is a sci-fi set to film 1,000 years after Earth is either abandoned or destroyed, as the working title is “One Thousand A.E.”.  Will is set to produce the film along with Jada, under Will’s production company Overbrook Entertainment.  With films like “Independence Day” and “I Am Legend” it seems Will is completely enamored by the doomsday scenarios.

Well, if this film is set to star both Will and Jaden, we’re pretty sure it will end up with a happy ending.  After all, it has a happy family beginning

Ashley Judd Braves The Painful Past Of Her Childhood In Book Of Memoirs posted by on April 5, 2011

To Ashley Judd: The Pain Of Your Past Will Become The Strength Of Your Future

Ashley Judd is taking a bold step in regaining control of her painful past and childhood, by sharing her broken memories with us in her book entitled “All That Is Bitter & Sweet”, set to be released today, Tuesday April 5th.

In her book of memoirs, Ashley reveals the shocking truth of her tumultuous upbringing that was surrounded by drug use and included horrible events of molestation and rape.  She speaks on how her mother said they put the “fun” in “dysfunctional”, yet that was quite contrary to Ashley’s recollection of her upbringing. The first chapter opens up with Ashley stating the following…

“My family of origin, the one into which I was born, was also brimming with love but was not a healthy family system. There was too much trauma, abandonment, addiction and shame. My mother, while she was transforming herself into the country legend Naomi Judd, created an origin myth for the Judds that did not match my reality. She and my sister have been quoted as saying that our family put the “fun” in dysfunction. I wondered: Who, exactly, was having all the fun? What was I missing?”

“I was taught to believe that our lifestyle was normal and never to question it or complain, even when I was left alone for hours, sometimes days at a time, or when I was passed without warning to yet another relative,”

The problems for the actress didn’t just occur outside the house, as she details a sexual assault she suffered while getting pizza.

“An old man everyone knew beckoned me into a dark, empty corner of the business and offered me a quarter for the pinball machine at the pizza place if I’d sit on his lap.  He opened his arms, I climbed up, and I was shocked when he suddenly cinched his arms around me, squeezing me and smothering my mouth with his, jabbing his tongue deep into my mouth.”

While I myself may not see how she was able to muster up the courage to reveal such traumatic experiences of her past, I appreciate the fact that whatever Ashley has had to overcome, has only led to the strength that has helped her to accomplish so much on her own outside of the shadow of “The Judds”.  We can only hope that Ashley’s search for peace comes with releasing all that she has had to hold in for so long.


Southwest Airlines Is Addicted To Crack… And More Aviation Woes Worldwide posted by on April 5, 2011

Southwest Airlines Can't Seem To Get Enough Of That "Crack"


Inspectors found small subsurface cracks in 3 more Southwest Airlines much like the one that caused an emergency landing in a Boeing 737 last Friday, causing more delays as planes continue to be grounded for further inspection.  In addition to this troubling finding, government documents revealed that Southwest Airlines tried to push back government mandated inspections with the FAA, stating that safety checks would pose a “significant burden“… yeah, tell that to those who may have lost their lives due to your “burdens”

It is clear to us that Southwest Airlines was merely trying to cut corporate expenses by pushing off these inspections, as they were probably aware of their aging equipment which needed repairs or even replacement.

The timing of these safety woes and emergency scenarios are happening at the same time Aviation mishaps are happening all over the world.  A U.N. plane crashed in the Congo yesterday, killing 32 passengers and leaving only 1 survivor.  A small plane crashed near the Oakland Airport in California, killing its pilot.  An American Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in New York, and a single engine PA 28 had to make an emergency landing on Rockaway Beach in Queens, also in New York.

With all these flying mishaps, you won’t be seeing me on a plane anytime soon.

I guess Tupac explained it best in his song “Who Do You Believe In”

“Times Of Armageddon, Murder In Mass Amounts

In This Society Where Only Gettin’ The Cash Counts”

Unbreakable: The Family That Gets Paid Together… Stays Together posted by on April 5, 2011


Kardashians and Jenners and Odoms... Oh my !

I guess that’s a new take on the old adage “The family that prays together… Stays together”

Cause really, when you’ve got a family pulling in about $80 Million a year, who needs prayer?  Okay, forgive the blasphemous statement, but this family is off and running circles around the industry.  The Kardashian clan raked in a reported $65 million last year, based on their reality shows and other endorsements, and that’s not even including Lamar Odom’s salary with the Championship Los Angeles Lakers.

The entire family came out last night to support Lamar and Khloe’s launch for their fragrance “Unbreakable” at The Redbury Hotel in Hollywood, and this family is definitely showing that they’re (more…)

President Barack Obama Is Heading Back To Tinseltown, Seeking Help From Sony Pictures posted by on April 5, 2011

Even the ladies surrounding Barack Obama look a little disappointed

Maybe they might make a movie to rewrite the last 2 years.

President Barack Obama will be visiting the southland on April 21st, in order to jump start his re-election campaign.  Specifically, the President will be appearing at a fundraiser being held at Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, California.

Ticket prices for the fundraiser will be $100 for those under 40 years of age, $250 for general admission and $2,500 for VIP seating.  Obama officially started his re-election campaign yesterday by filing the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission and sending an e-mail to supporters which included a 2 minute video of volunteers from his 2008 campaign declaring the importance of Obama’s re-election.

His bid for re-election has already seen opposition from the Republican National Committee, but Barack Obama is hoping that support from the celebrity realm of Hollywood can help him overcome the challenges he faces, as well as disappointment from the general public of America.

In his e-mail, President Obama said

“though I’m focused on the job you elected me to do and the race may not reach full speed for a year, the work of laying the foundation for our campaign must start today.”

What do you think?  Can the celebrity pull of Hollywood help Barack Obama overcome the mishaps of the last two years to get him re-elected?


The Hills Head For The Star’s…. Dimly Lit Magazine Party posted by on April 5, 2011



I think Stephanie Pratt was forced to this party via the Detour

So Star Magazine tried to have an “All Hollywood” party this Sunday night at Trousdale, and it seems like All Hollywood decided to go elsewhere.  Not forrealz, it wasn’t that bad, but it did seem a little lackluster.  There was very little A-list power to support this party, but it definitely had some up and coming movers and shakers on the scene, as well as some old favorites that have stayed pretty steady in our focus.


The Krupa sisters are proof that their parents didn't have enough sex... MORE KRUPA SISTERS PLEASE !!

Now the thing is, Star Magazine, as a publication, has created quite a few enemies over the decades.  They’re notorious for making up stories and causing loads of problems, not to mention the fact that they’re a subsidiary of National Enquirer.

I was told that celebrities in attendance would be receiving a free Ipad 2, and if that’s the case… EVEN A FREE IPAD 2 COULDN’T PICK UP THE DRAW !!!  Now that’s saying a lot.


Jayde Nicole shows her fans some appreciation

But hey, it was a nice attempt Star.  I did see some folks that were cool, such as 2/3 of one of the OG boy groups, “Hanson“.  We also got a look at the ever so fine Krupa sisters, Joanna and Marta.  “The Hills” repped hard, with Stephanie Pratt, Jayde Nicole and Jason Wahler in attendance.  And let’s not forget to mention how much Stephanie Pratt wanted to be the life of the party, even tweeting a pic of herself from the inside on a skateboard in her heels.  If she fell flat on her ass, now that would’ve been a shot!!!


Cowabunga dude !! Stephanie Pratt keeps her career in steady motion

We got to see Dane Cook and his non-Jessica Simpson looking date.  Tatiana Ali showed up still the princess of Bel-Air.


Dane Cook and his non-Jessica Simpson looking date

Taryn Manning was DJ for the event, and has been spinning on the 1’s and 2’s a lot around Hollywood lately, so if you’re ever out, keep a look out for her.  That should always make for a great time.

Tunes for the evening provided by DJ Taryn Manning


The Gastineau Girls have a hard time finding a man worthy of their stature

The Gastineau Girls were out, and Lisa was trying to hook her daughter Brittny up with Gavin DeGraw. She needs to find a steady man soon, and let’s hope she does.

Bai-Ling showed up for all our international audiences.

Two hotties forrealz were Lacey Schwimmer and Hope Dworaczyk whose looks are directly correlated with how little clothing they have on, since they both have some of the hottest bodies in the bizna$$.

Lacey Schwimmer is too hot to be booted off DWTS already

Model Jaimie Hilfiger was there with her boyfriend, Jeweler Igal Dahan.  I’ll tell ya, these two are some of the best people this world has to offer.


Jaimie Hilfiger and Igal Dahan ... Ya gotta love em

And two people who I have great concern for… Tara Reid who really looks like she needs to eat something these days before she straight disappears on us.

"I try to find my friends.. but, they're blowin in the wind" - Keep Ya Head Up by 2Pac

And Shanna Moakler. Now Shanna, I know you’re hosting that show “Bridalplasty” and all, you know, that show where women compete for plastic surgery procedures before tying the knot.  The show may be a hit, and you may get some great hookups and employee discounts on plastic surgery procedures, but that doesn’t mean you need to OD on the Botox.


Shanna Moakler... Lay off the employee discounts of Botox

You’re starting to follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian, who’s following in the footsteps of Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Jocelyn Wildenstein should be a lesson to women in Hollywood of ALL AGES

Now hey, I’m not trying to be mean… I’m just giving you fair warning… before it’s too late

Click here for more photos of Star Magazine’s “All Hollywood” party that needed a few more IPads to make it right


Who Wins The Award For Prime Slime ??? posted by on April 5, 2011

Jim Carrey brings the roof down... with Slime !!

Which of your favorite A-list celebs do you think had the best Slime Scenario at Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards?

Take a look at the photos and tell us who you think Slimed it best on our poll below!!


1. Heidi Klum


The always beautiful Heidi Klum... Beautiful even when Slimed !!

2. Jack Black


Jack Black needs to change his name to Joe Green... Slimed !!

3. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey brings the roof down... with Slime !!

4. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp a.k.a. Captain Jack Sparrow, is now Captain of the Slime-U Ship !!

5. Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel is trying to make "Photo Of The Week" again.. On his throne of Slime !!!!!!

When It Comes To Slime... Which Celeb Wore It Best ???

  • 3. Jim Carrey bringin down his roof of Slime (100%, 1 Votes)
  • 1. Heidi Klum in Beautiful Slime Green (0%, 0 Votes)
  • 2. Jack Black as Mean Joe Green Slime (0%, 0 Votes)
  • 4. Johnny Depp as Waging War Slime (0%, 0 Votes)
  • 5. Josh Duhamel and his Throne of Slime (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 1

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Photos: Courtesy of WireImage