The Patridge Family Is The New Partridge Family… Only With A Dad… And A Tipsy A$$ Momma posted by on April 15, 2011

Trust me... their momma is buck wild

Audrina Patridge showed up to last night’s OK! US Mag party, in part with Vh1 and Bongo at the Lexington Social House in Hollywood.. and Audrina brought her entire village peeps, including her crazy tipsy a$$ momma causin mad drama on the red carpet.

They just need to make music in their garage now

The OK! party turned out to be more of a dud than expected, but I would definitely have to say the one who really kept the party goin, was of course… Audrina’s momma Lynn Patridge.  As you may know by now, Audrina has her own reality show that will be on Vh1 very soon, and of course her entire family will be featured on the show, which is why they’ve been making red carpet rounds with her lately.  So Audrina was interviewed and said the best member of her family for the show is her mom.  She said just give her a glass of wine, and let the cameras roll and it’s non-stop laughs.

Audrina's pigeon toed mama goes in for the kill on Casey

Lynn lays a wet one on daughter Casey

I would definitely have to agree, but it seems to me like she had more than just one glass of wine.


Audrina likes it when she touches herself

It's Amazing !! It's like looking in an extended mirror... FOR THE BOTH OF US !!

Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com