Exclusive Photos: Petra Nemcova Loves Giving Her Fiance Kisses… And He Loves It posted by on April 18, 2011

Petra smacks one on Jamie Belman... Lucky a$$ bastard

And you would probably love em too if you were her fiance.  No doubt homey.

Happiness In Your Time On Earth Is Far More Important Than Wealth And Riches

One can’t help but be happy for Petra Nemcova.  She’s had to endure a lot since she was one of the few survivors of the Tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004.  Sadly she lost her love at that time, Simon Atlee, and had to tragically watch him get swept out by the powerful wave and Beast that is our untamed ocean.

Yes baby... Any time :)

The Looks Of Love

Petra was rescued after clinging to a Palm Tree for 8 hours, and luckily, 7 years later, she’s still going strong, is still clinging onto top spots on DWTS, and has found love again.  Petra is always all smiles at these DWTS afterparties, and one can see why.  She has learned to truly cherish the life she was able to hold onto, and knows now how to live it to its fullest with her new love, Jamie Belman.  Lucky a$$ bastard !!  :)

Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

More Kim K. In Vegas *Yawn* … More Non-Bikini *Even Yawner* posted by on April 18, 2011

You aint Gotta Lie to Kick it Kim... We know there's no Bikini under there

Once again we see Kim Kardashian partying it up in Vegas, for the 99th time in this past year, at the Grand Opening of Wet Republic in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casinoand once again, we see a hot female Hollywood starlet at a Vegas pool party without a frickin Bikini !!!

Don't Act like You got on a Bikini... We know you're just sober too.. actin' like you drunk

First off, I’m quite surprised to see that Kim actually isn’t doing something with the Venetian establishment, since they’ve been the one booking her most lately, being the highest bidder and all.

Go ahead Kim... Relax... Work hard for that money. Can't even wear a frickin bikini

But what’s really starting to piss me off here, is knowing how much Vegas isn’t on their job. What’s with all these chicks showing up in their little wanna be shorts and top ensemble, pretending to be beachy, and still yet no bikini?

Now on the one hand, I wanna be mad at management.  You should have contractually obligated her. It’s a frickin pool party !! But then, now that I really think about it, maybe they did in fact have our best interests in mind.

Now dat's just nasty

My bad Wet Republic, you win.

Photo Credit : Wire Image / Truscello / W Magazine


Cee-Lo Tells Coachella Soundman To “FU@K You And FU@K Her Too !” posted by on April 18, 2011

Cee-Lo ! Why's that shirt you're wearing so frickin creepy ??

Hey.. I didn't say do all that now

Ya know, I’m rather upset to hear that the sound man at Coachella’s main stage pulled the plug on Cee-Lo this weekend.  So what if he was a little late.  He obviously has no idea how powerful a dude Cee-Lo really is.  And unlike Lauryn Hill, he’s actually cared enough to make some music in the last decade.

For those of you who don’t know, Cee-Lo first appeared on Outkast’s debut album “Southernplayalisticadillacfunkymuzik” on the song, which crazy to say was release 17 years ago, the anniversary coming on April 26th. Aside from Cee-Lo’s distinctive voice on the hook, he starts the entire song out with :

I don’t recall, ever graduatin at all
Sometimes I feel I’m just a disappointment to y’all

And have you ever heard Goodie Mob’s debut album “Soul Food”, remember? The other Dungeon Family group also produced by Organized Noize?  That entire album opens up with Cee-Lo singing “Free” in true Negro Spiritual style.  And I would have to tell you, if you didn’t know God before hearing this song, you might have started to open up.





Lord it’s so hard living this life

A constant struggle each and every day

Some wonder why I’d rather die

Than to continue living this way

Many are blind and cannot find

The truth cause no one seems to really know

But I won’t accept that this is how it’s gon’ be

Devil you gotta let me and my people go


And the song’s first track “Thought Process” was a deeply heartbreaking expression of pain suffered by those in the world we’re living in, but the blessing of an incredible thought process that is birthed through such trials and ordeals.  Cee-Lo’s verse was one of the most powerful I had ever heard about that time, especially where he said

“That little money be gone, God damnit I’m grown

Gotta help keep the heat and the lights on

It would be nice to have more, but I kinda like bein’ poor

At least I know what my friends here for”


“Thought Process”




So to the punka$$ soundman who obviously doesn’t know who he was really dealing with… Eff you and Eff her too.

That’s why you’re stuck as a soundman doing a gig once a year, and not being a respected member of the Hip-Hop and Music community for nearly 20years. Must piss you off to see Cee-Lo killin the game huh? Well, Cee-Lo is not an overnight success. He’s a dude who’s been spreading the power of his spirit for almost 2 decades. Get yer facts straight homey. And Coachella, find another punka$$ b!tch.