Paula Abdul And Cheryl Cole To Complete The X-Factor Judge Panel posted by on April 24, 2011

The Judge Panel On X-Factor Just Got A Whole Lot Cuter

The deal is pretty much complete, and it looks like Simon Cowell is going to be bringing a few old friends on board to join the judge panel of the American version of X-Factor. American Idol pal Paula Abdul, and British X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole, also from British girl group “Girls Aloud

The two hotties will be joining Simon and Antonio “L.A.” Reid as the 4 judge to complete the American X-Factor judge panel.

With this confirmation, it looks like Simon’s got himself a perfect plan.  He has told people that L.A. Reid was his No. 1 choice for a judge on X-Factor.  But reuniting Paula is a great move considering her abrupt departure from American Idol, which many speculated was due to financial negotiations over her contract.  In addition, Cheryl was apparently broken-hearted when Simon had claimed he only wanted Americans to be the judge on X-Factor.

Maybe Simon was just keeping his own X-Factor up his sleeve in Cheryl Cole.  And being that Simon has such an overbearing personality as a judge, the 3 of them look like they may have a pretty balanced panel.

Are you excited for the show to begin?  Auditions across America have already begun

Recap The Week’s Hapz: Lady Gaga Is STILL Bazaar posted by on April 24, 2011

I don't have enough hands for this

So Lady Gaga had this really bizarre photo shoot with Harper’s Bazaar for their May issue, and boy does she have issues.  The photos were taken by Terry Richardson, and she has six boobs, clones of herself, Monarch Butterflies all over her face, she’s really horny, the Underworld is taking over her, and she’ll stab you after she kicks you when you’re down.

She's really really horny

That was a mouthful ! And her boobs are a handful, for 3 dudes.

This on top of the internet complaining about her album cover, where she’s melded into a machine, a motorcycle to be exact, probably to be ridden by Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-101 from “The Terminator“.  Yeah, her and Skynet are definitely down.

The New Terminator... Lady Gaga, Skynet's latest creation

Lady Gaga also seems to have fallen again at yet another one of her concerts.  She keeps falling… Maybe that’s because she’s a fallen angel..  if ya know what I mean.

The Underworld is taking over her... Time to shed some light from The Sun

Let’s just be real though.  There’s no way she could be a mind control puppet, used to sway the masses.  Can she?

Do you know about Monarch Butterflies? And the pyramid on top?

Who knows.  All I know is, this “Fame Monster” is still monstrously famous, and she shows no signs of letting up.  I guess she’s just another sign of the times.

Rob Pattinson Gets Hiza$$ Waxed posted by on April 24, 2011

You look like a Vampire

Rob Pattinson had his own wax sculpture revealed at Madame Tussaud’s Washington D.C. location on Earth Day, April 22nd.  I don’t know about you, but that wax figure’s lookin a little greasy.  Interesting part is, there are always rumors that the “Twilight” star despises showering and washing her hair.

I guess a wax figure is just a little bit ironic… dontchyha think?