Exclusive Hotzpotz: Did Zac Efron Take A Stroll Down Sesame Street? posted by on April 7, 2011


Can you tell me how to get… How to get to Zacary’s street

Exclusive Hotzpotz: In all actuality, there was a whole slew of celebrities that were spotted at the studios in Hollywood where they film Sesame Street.  And one of those celebrities in particular was High School Musical’s Zac Efron.  I wonder how parents will explain to their kids that Zac used to date that girl, ya know, Vanessa Hudgens, who they might’ve seen on the interwebs… and what about that beer Zac was drinkin the other day?

I’m sure they’ve had worse on Sesame Street. But hey, if this is true, it’ll be the first time Zac’s visited the children’s favorite playhood.  Keep an eye out

Exclusive Hotzpotz: Jennifer Lopez Dines On Italian posted by on April 7, 2011

Jennifer Lopez... You're the first Hotzpotz

Exclusive Hotzpotz: Jennifer Lopez has been spotted dining at West Hollywood Italian eatery Cecconi’s after filming tonight’s episode of American idol.

In fact… she’s still there right now

Photo: Wireimage

Lyfe Of Rime: 2pac… Who Cares? posted by on April 7, 2011


No Truer Words Have Been Spoken


“Somebody Help Me, Tell Me Where To Go From Here


Cause Even Thugs Cry… But Do The Lord Care?”


“Only God Can Judge Me” – Tupac Shakur

Donald Trump Hopes To Beat Barack Obama “Straight Up” And Not On Birth Certificate Issues posted by on April 7, 2011

Donald Trump Hopes To Win The Presidency From A Fair Fight

It’s looking like President Barack Obama’s bid for re-election is already starting to see its worthy opponents.

The star of NBC’s Apprentice, and Real Estate Tycoon, Donald Trump said he will make a decision by June whether or not he will choose to be a Republican candidate for U.S. Presidency in the 2012 election… If we ever get there.

However Trump has stated that (more…)

Japan Gets Rocked Again By A 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake… Thankfully No Tsunamis posted by on April 7, 2011

I pray for mercy over the land of Japan, and for that of our fallen world

Japan was rocked Thursday by yet another powerful Earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter Scale, and located closer to the coast of Japan than the 9.0 quake which struck on March 11th, triggering a powerful Tsunami that devastated the island nation.

This latest quake in a string of earthquakes and aftershocks since March 11th triggered a Tsunami warning in one prefecture and advisories in others. The warnings were (more…)

Exclusive: Lane Garrison Compares Prison Life To “Prison Break” posted by on April 7, 2011

Now you may have seen this video already… But now you get to see it at the source, in its entirety, with IHOP and all !!!!.

And just to prove to you that yer boy Prophecy is indeed the source…

The Truest Source Of The Newest Noise... Prophecy.. The Sun Of Hollywood

Yeah, that’s one breaking news story on Radar, and another on TMZ, all in less than my first week live on line.

Peep game bizznatches… Run for cover and beg for mercy

Reward In Giants Fan Beating Reaches $100K… Dodgers Hire Former Police Chief posted by on April 7, 2011

Can't We All Just Get Along???

Many have grouped together to increase the total reward to $100,000 for information leading to the arrest of two men dressed in Dodger gear who severely beat down 42 year-old  San Francisco Giants fan for wearing a Giants T-shirt in the parking lot of Dodger’s Stadium on Opening Day.  Reward contributions were kicked off with Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich issuing a $10,000 reward, and a $5,000 reward was pledged by the victim’s employer.  An announcement was made Monday with the Los Angeles Dodgers donating $25,000 and the San Francisco Giants donating $10,000.

Now the Dodgers, under close scrutiny from the incident, has hired former Chief of Police William Bratton to review the security at Dodger’s Stadium.  Details of the incident show that Stow just kept walking away when the two young men taunted him, but they still attacked, Golverno said. They then jumped into a car driven by a woman, with a boy inside.

This is not the first violent attack against a Giants fan at Dodger Stadium. In 2003, a Giants fan was shot and killed in the parking lot.A reward of at least $100,000, most of it provided by Los Angeles-area governments, has been established for information leading to the arrest of the two men who attacked Stow.

“We’re getting some good leads and we’re following up on all of them,” Los Angeles police detective Lisa Golverno said earlier this week.

Let's Hope These Sketches Can Soon Be Replaced With Mugshots

Blame Begins To Bounce To Boeing posted by on April 7, 2011

Don't You Know That's The Sound Of The Blame... Bouncing From The Planes

After careful inspections of 737 Boeing aircraft, prompted by the emergency landing of a Southwest Airliner that left a 5-foot hole in its fuselage, Boeing said that its engineering and safety experts were caught off guard by the incident.  Boeing admitted to grossly miscalculating the safety of certain older versions of their 737’s, stating they knew such risks of cracking problems did exist, but didn’t anticipate these possibilities to occur until much later in their lifespan.

Now Boeing  had advised airlines that the planes could make 60,000 flights before they needed to undergo detailed inspections of the relevant sections. On Tuesday, Boeing said that it miscalculated: it now recommends inspections after 30,000 flights, half the previous threshold.  The current situation Boeing is facing after the Friday incident (more…)

Jay-Z’s Newly Signed Artist, K. Koke, Arrested On Murder Charge posted by on April 7, 2011

Jay-Z is having a Hard Knock Life... reconciling his with the nights of March 9th

25 year-old British Hip-Hop Artist Kevin Georgiou, otherwise known as “K. Koke” was arrested in connection with shooting a man in the back in Harlesden Train Station on March 9th, strangely the same landmark date as when Jay-Z lost one of his best friends to gunfire, Notorious B.I.G.

Jay-Z signed the artist in January to his Roc-Nation label under the RCA umbrella.  K. Koke grew up in the Stonebridge section of London and often raps about the violent lifestyle he grew up in, resembling life in the projects of most artists who grew up in New York.  The artist deal for K.Koke was a joint venture between Roc Nation and Koke’s own Suspect Entertainment (probably not a great choice of words for right now), which was formed in 2005.

Georgiou is the 5th person arrested in the shooting incident, and is due to appear before Blackfriars Crown Court on June 15.

Could Our Current Budget Crisis Lead To A Government Shutdown By Friday???? posted by on April 7, 2011


This House Is Not Having A Party... Between Its Two Parties

Republicans and Democrats are in a deadlocked bullfight over our nations budget… just hours away from the expiration of our current budget spending plan.  Should our Congressional leaders be unable to come to terms over the budget by Friday night midnight, we could see our government actually shut down, an event which last occurred 15 years ago and lasted a total of 21 days.

President Barack Obama held an emergency meeting Wednesday night with House Speaker John Boehner (Republican) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in hopes to hash out differences on a budget spending plan that is currently Billions of dollars apart.  President Obama stated that (more…)