Amanda Bynes Loses Her Little Angel… Tweets A Final Goodbye posted by on April 5, 2011

Little Angel is too adorable to not be deeply missed

Amanda Bynes took to her twitter yesterday to try and find her little Angel, a 4 month old teacup Pomeranian she has avidly been posting twitpics of.  She tweeted that Angel somehow got out of the house, and she was desperately trying to find her, and hoping that any twitter followers that may have seen her would contact her immediately through twitter.  Sadly, Amanda just tweeted the following message…


The sad news that Amanda shared with the world

We are truly saddened to hear about your loss Amanda, and we pray you keep your head up and stay strong.

We know you will never forget your time with Little Angel… All Angels go to Heaven



Keep Ya Head Up

“I’ve Never Had A Knack For Saying Final Goodbyes

If I Arrested Time, I’d Press Rewind, Twist It Counter Clockwise”

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