Hotzpotz: Rihanna Leaves Las Palmas Lookin’ Like A Wino posted by on April 10, 2011

Red Wine on a dress like this.. would be a Candy Cane that you wouldn't wanna miss

Hotzpotz: Last night Rihanna was spotted at Hollywood Hotzpot “Las Palmas” … and apparently she had somewhat of a wardrobe malfunction of her own.  Well, sort of.

No, we don't hate that.. we love it !! Wet dress contest on Rihanna !!!

Rihanna tweeted at the end of the night that, thanks to her BFF’s, she was set to leave the club with a brand new white dress, and red wine stains.  All I have to say about that, is I’m sure the red wine stains went perfect with her bold red hair.  And if there was any way she would’ve worn a dress like the one she did to the Grammy’s this year, that would definitely be an amazing sight… like a Peppermint Candy Cane that you would never wanna stop suckin’ on.

Uhmmm… Uhmmm… Uhmmm… (Wait, is Proph at a loss for words?!?!)

And unfortunately, nobody got a pic of this Red wine mishap.  Cause I would have to say, from a paparazzi standpoint, a pic like that of Rihanna would fetch 4 to 5 figures easily, if it was exclusive of course.

The square root of 69 is ate something.. right? Cause i been tryin' to work it out .. OowwWw

Hey Rihanna, you can be our Exclusive any day, just make sure to remove the rest of the stripes from that dress please.

Chris Brown.. You’z a foolish man… If you’d only waited 2 more Grammy’s, you coulda had that  ^

Photo Credit : Wire Image / Vespa / Turner 

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