Free Ice Cream Cone Day At All Ben & Jerry’s Locations From Coast To Coast posted by on April 12, 2011

Can't Be Mad At That !!

It’s starting to become a time honored tradition.  Ben & Jerry’s is doing their annual “Free Cone Day”, where all Ben & Jerry’s locations from coast to coast are giving away a free ice cream cone from 12p-8p (local time).  Can you believe the first free cone day was May 5, 1979?  That’s a bomb gift for Cinco De Mayo !!

I’d like a scoop of Cherry Garcia please!!

Just be sure to have some free time on your hands.  Free Ice Cream cones aren’t necessarily free at all.  You might end up waiting an hour or two.

And shee-ite, even at minimum wage, that “free” cone technically just cost you damn near $20 dollaz 

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