Arnold Schwarzenegger Is “The Sperminator”… He Comes Again posted by on April 27, 2011

It's Funny, Even As The Governator... He Still Terminated California's Economic Prosperity

In what will be his first return to the film world after his stint as Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to the big screen in the role that made him a household name, as the Terminator.  The film is currently being pitched to film companies by CAA (Commercial Artists Agency) on behalf of a hedge fund based in San Diego, that bought the rights to the Terminator franchise in a bankruptcy auction.

The latest installment of the franchise will be directed by “Fast FiveDirector Justin Lin.  It looks like Justin will be going from Fast Five to “T5” as this will also be the fifth film in the franchise.  The first 2 films were directed by James Cameron and “T2″ was hugely successful and brought in over $500 Million worldwide.

Arnold also starred in Terminator 3, “Rise of The Machines” but was physically absent from “Terminator: Salvation” starring Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, aside from a brief cameo of a superimposed Arnold face.

We just better hope Arnold hits the gym soon, cause if you haven’t seen recent photos of dude on the beach, his 62 year old frame is definitely not holding up as well as you would have thought it would. 

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